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Voodoo Six: First Hit For Free
Melodic Hard Rock
Rating: 4.0/5.0

Who is Voodoo Six? A great band from London, England, that plays straight forward hard rock with metal touches and a melodic sensibility. And there may be a bit of glam rock in here too. 'First Hit For Free' rocks with enthusiasm and excitement. Don't expect slow moments here. Be ready for some rowdy rock and roll. Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) comments: 'The best debut album I've heard in years.' That is quite an endorsement. Germany's Kerrang noted 'Its hard rock with heavy tattoos, a cocky swagger and a bad attitude.' Is all this praise worth it. With a play on the words from Ronald Reagan, I say 'trust but verify.'

There are some great songs on this album. Most are driven by an exceptional rhythm section that clearly emphasizes the bass line and the drums. Usually the bass is muddled in production or mixing, but not in this case. 'Feed My Soul' is a perfect example of this. If anything seems askew or muddled, it is Henry Rundell's vocals. They are constantly submerged, even run over, by the rest of the band. But then there is 'Walking On Nails' or 'Saints & Sinners' where Rendell surprises with his confidence and range. I was more than pleased with the guitar work of Matt Pearce and Chris Jones. I'm not quite sure who was playing lead or if they simply shared the duties. Either way, they rock, roll, blister and soar throughout the course of 'First Hit For Free.' Other great tracks include 'I Am The Sun,' straight forward rock with a blues edge, 'Saints & Sinners,' a stylish guitar intro which introduces Rendell' smooth vocals wrapped up in rocking ballad, and 'Century,' a classic metal groove admist melodic rock and the guitar work is simply efficient and innovative.

Honestly, I took several spins of 'First Hit For Free' to get me really interested. After several listens, I'm impressed by Voodoo Six's talent and song craftmanship. I still don't know if my praise equals that of Kerrang or Steve Harris. But this is great rock with a bright future. If they clean up the production/mix the next time out, I think Voodoo Six will overwhelm the competition. Recommended!
  - Craig Hartranft

In Short

England's Voodoo Six rocks, plain and simple. There is no compromise or question as to their style and substance. This mix is just a little bit suspect drowning the vocalist in the band. Yet, this is hearty and rowdy rock and roll destined to please rockers everywhere.

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