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Individual artists can be found by looking for last name first, for example: Cooley, Rusty.

Disclaimer: links in past reviews were active when originally written; Dangerdog Reviews cannot guarantee the current accuarcy or viabliity of links in archived reviews.

Reviewers Wanted

Like melodic rock and heavy metal? Do have you have a strong knowledge of genres, bands and history? Do like to write? Do you understand the English language and basic grammar? Do you believe non-fiction writing can and should be creative and engaging? If so, then Dangerdog Music Review is looking for you. Currently, Dangerdog is looking for reviewers of modern alternative rock/metal bands. If you'd like to write for DMR, then send an inquiry to Craig Hartranft, Manageing Editor [craig [at]] with a brief 'curriculum vitae' of your skills and experience. Read the Writer's Guidelines (MS Word document).

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