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New Music Reviews
Kissin' Dynamite - Megalomania CD Album Review

Kissin' Dynamite: Megalomania

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

It only struck me today looking at the Kissin' Dynamite promotional band photos and because he changed his hair style. Lead vocalist Hannes Braun looks a lot ... [ Read More ]

Evergrey - Hymns For The Broken CD Album Review

Evergrey: Hymns For The Broken

Melodic/Symphonic/Power Metal

And to think Tom Englund and Evergrey were going to throw in the towel, cease to be, expire and gone to meet 'is maker, rest in peace. Sorry. I couldn't help myself ... [ Read More ]

Enchant - The Great Divide CD Album Review

Enchant: The Great Divide

Melodic Progressive Rock

If there was triumvirate of seminal American melodic progressive rock bands at the turn of this century, it was likely Spock's Beard, Dream Theater and, the band ... [ Read More ]

Brian Tarquin & Heavy Friends Guitars For Wounded Warriors CD Album Review

Brian Tarquin: Guitars For Wounded Warriors

Instrumental Rock/Metal Guitar

Accomplished and Emmy award winning guitarist and composer Brian Tarquin got a few of his friends together to create an instrumental guitar jam album inspired by ... [ Read More ]

Keith Emerson & Greg Lake Live From Manticore Hall CD Album Review

Keith Emerson & Greg Lake: Live From Manticore

Melodic/Progressive Rock

If you recall Greg Lake's 2013 Songs of Lifetime, also a live recording, then Keith Emerson & Greg Lake's Live From Manticore Hall will be familiar ... [ Read More ]

Garden Music Project Inspired by Syd Barrett's Artwork CD Album Review

Garden Music Project: Inspired by Syd Barrett

Melodic/Progressive Rock

Alright, Garden Music Project is an odd thing. Something that requires some explanation. First, most know who Syd Barrett is: original member of Pink Floyd, but also mentor ... [ Read More ]

Modest Midget Crysis CD Album Review

Modest Midget: Crysis

Melodic Rock

Modest Midget is essentially Lonny Ziblat, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist of the band. Excepting an odd song here and there, Ziblat composed wrote all the ... [ Read More ]

Heliopolis City of the Sun CD Album Review

Heliopolis: City of the Sun

Melodic Progressive Rock

Including members of progressive rock bands Gabble Ratchet, Mars Hollow and Ten Jinn, Heliopolis is a new act from Los Angeles but with a familiar sound. Their craft is ... [ Read More ]

Daydream XI - The Grand Disguise CD Album Review

Daydream XI: The Grand Disguise

Progressive Power Metal

It's no small thing to be invited to Mike Portnoy's inaugural Progressive Nation at Sea Festival, but Brazil's Daydream XI made the cut. While not on the headline stage ... [ Read More ]

Palace - The 7th Steel CD Album Review

Palace: The 7th Steel

Heavy Metal

Teutonic metallers Palace have been going strong for better than 20 years. Since 1996, they've released seven albums scattered over nearly as many labels. With the ... [ Read More ]

Mike LePond's Silent Assassins CD Album Review

Mike LePond's Silent Assassins: S/T

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

While you're waiting for the next Symphony X album, which is in the works as I write, check out their bass player Mike LePond's first solo album, Mike Lepond's Silent ... [ Read More ]

Liquid Steel Fire In The Sky CD Album Review

Liquid Steel: Fire In The Sky

(Classic) Melodic Heavy Metal

Hailing from Austria, Liquid Steel was born as a cover band playing Eighties heavy metal. With roots and influences deep into Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Saxon ... [ Read More ]

Blood & Iron Voices of Eternity CD Album Review

Blood & Iron: Voices of Eternity

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

In the past, most everything pitched to me from India in the metal genre has been from the extreme end, like black and death metal, something I have no interest in ... [ Read More ]

Audrey Horne Pure Heavy CD Album Review

Audrey Horne: Pure Heavy

Melodic Hard Rock

Listening to modern music may make you wonder if there ever was a time when hard rock wasn't down-tuned and harsh. Those times are called the Seventies and Eighties ... [ Read More ]

Rebellious Spirit Obsession CD Album Review

Rebellious Spirit: Obsession

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

Rebellious Spirit is still a young band, average age of the members is around 20 or so, but they're releasing their second album, Obsession, only 15 months after ... [ Read More ]

Lostpray - That's Why CD Album Review

Lostpray: That's Why

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

With members from both Turkey and Ukraine, Lostpray arrives with their debut album, That's Why. Their music is a hybrid of sorts, a mixture of melodic hard rock ... [ Read More ]

Dire Peril Queen of the Galaxy EP CD Album Review

Dire Peril: Queen of the Galaxy EP

Heavy/Power/Thrash Metal

Created to combine his love for heavy metal and science fiction, hardly an odd combination in metal, guitarist Jason Ashcraft created Dire Peril. His vision was to deliver ... [ Read More ]

Mindcrime - Checkmate The King CD Album Review

Mindcrime: Checkmate The King

Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

I suspected as much when I was pitched the band for review. Mindcrime began as a Queensryche tribute band in Italy about five years ago. (If you check their Facebook ... [ Read More ]

Todd Rundgren and Utopia Live at the Electric Ballroom Milwaukee 23 October 1978 CD Album Review

Todd Rundgren: Live at the Electric Ballroom 1978

AOR/Classic Rock

Here's another trip down memory lane, at least my memory lane. Next to a choice few other bands in the Seventies, like Judas Priest and UFO, Todd Rundgren ... [ Read More ]

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Click to read the Mike LePond's Silent Assassins album review

While you're waiting for the next Symphony X album, which is in the works as I write, check out their bass player Mike LePond's first solo album, Mike Lepond's Silent Assassins. I think you're going to like this fine mix of traditional melodic ... [ Read More ]

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