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Paladine - Finding Solace CD Album Review

Paladine: Finding Solace

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

The origins of Greece's Paladine are found in the ashes of another, now defunct, Greek band: Mythraal. Founding members Chris Stergianidis (bass), Thanos ... [ Read More ]

Metall - Metalheads CD Album Review

Metall: Metalheads

Heavy Metal

Metall's origins and unspectacular existence date back some 35 years to Berlin Germany. They recorded a few singles, changed their name to Headless in 1988 and ... [ Read More ]

Saturn - Beyond Spectra CD Album Review

Saturn: Beyond Spectra

Melodic Heavy/Space Rock

As they sing in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, "Let's do the time warp again." Some three years on from their debut album Sweden's retro rockers Saturn return with ... [ Read More ]

Brother Firetribe - Sunbound CD Album Review

Brother Firetribe: Sunbound

Melodic Hard Rock/AOR

What goes around comes around, and eventually, after a few years hiatus, Finland's Brother Firetribe returns to record a new album. Geez. I miss these guys. Formed some ... [ Read More ]

Stormhammer - Welcome To The End CD Album Review

Stormhammer: Welcome To The End

Power Metal

While power metal is a rather ubiquitous heavy metal genre around the globe, it's nearly synonymous with Germany. Hailing from the Olympic city of Munich ... [ Read More ]

Vatican - March Of The Kings CD Album Review

Vatican: March Of The Kings

Classic Heavy/Power Metal

Being the living breathing skeptic I am, I had to convince myself. Vatican seems an odd name for a metal band, but it's the namesake of journeyman guitarist ... [ Read More ]

The Vicious Head Society - Abject Tomorrow CD Album Review

The Vicious Head Society: Abject Tomorrow

Progressive Metal

Somewhere in the wilds and loughs of Ireland, a young man hones his guitar skills and begins writing original music, all the while tutoring other students in the same ... [ Read More ]

Stormage - Dead Of Night CD Album Review

Stormage: Dead Of Night

Heavy/Power Metal

Straight out of the "where have they been all these years" file is German power metal band Stormage. They haven't dropped a new studio album in ten years. Although ... [ Read More ]

Sinner Tequila Suicide CD Album Review

Sinner: Tequila Suicide

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

Mat Sinner is both an icon and legend in the German, and the larger European, hard rock and heavy metal scene. Cranking out music since 1982, Sinner is an ... [ Read More ]

White Willow - Future Hopes CD Album Review

White Willow: Future Hopes

Melodic Progressive Rock

After an absence of six years, Norway's White Willow returns with a new album, Future Hopes. Formed by multi-instrumentalists Jacob Holm-Lupo and Mattias ... [ Read More ]

One Desire Self-titled Debut 2017 CD Album Review

One Desire: One Desire

Melodic Hard Rock/AOR

Drummer Ossi Sivula, the creator of Finland's One Desire, said his aim for the new band was "to create music that could change the world." That's a bold statement ... [ Read More ]

Night Ranger - Don't Let Up CD Album Review

Night Ranger: Don't Let Up

Melodic Hard Rock/AOR

Age is just a number. You're never too old to rock n roll. You can't teach an old dog new tricks. Let's just skip that one. Night Ranger, the music video kings of the ... [ Read More ] - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft
Album of the Week
Click to read the Sinner - Tequila Suicide CD Album review

Mat Sinner is both an icon and legend in the German, and the larger European, hard rock and heavy metal scene. Cranking out music since 1982, Sinner is an industrious and prolific musician and producer whether through his namesake band, the heavy metal heroes Primal ... [ Read More ]

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Click to read the Endless - The Truth The Chaos The Insanity Album review

The history of Brazil's Endless dates back better than 20 years, and includes two early albums at the turn of the century, only to be followed by some chaotic times. But now ten years from their last album, Endless is resurrected with new enthusiasm and a third album, The Truth ... [ Read More ]