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Trancemission Paranoia CD Album Review

Trancemission: Paranoia

Melodic Hard Rock

Alright, I'm a bit perplexed by Trancemission's latest and fifth album, Paranoia. Enough so, I can't conjure up a clever introduction to this review. I want to ... [ Read More ]

Power Theory Driven By Fear CD Album Review

Power Theory: Driven By Fear

Heavy/Power Metal

Power Theory, based in nearby Philadelphia, is more than a little misplaced in time and place. You see, Power Theory plays classic heavy power metal, you know ... [ Read More ]

Michael Monroe Blackout States CD Album Review

Michael Monroe: Blackout States

Melodic Hard Rock

The history of Michael Monroe and Hanoi Rocks is one of classic rock legend, tales of success and general degenerate rock n roll musical debauchery ... [ Read More ]

Elegacy The Binding Sequence CD Album Review

Elegacy: The Binding Sequence

Melodic/Progressive/Power Metal

The story of Italy's Elegacy could be a case study in band development and tribulation. Begun better than a decade ago by Constantin Terzago (keyboards) and ... [ Read More ]

Savage 7 Live N Lethal Double Album CD Album Review

Savage: 7 / Live N Lethal

(NWoBHM) Heavy Metal

Continuing a rennasiance that began about 20 years ago, England's Savage keep their New Wave of British Heavy Metal rumbling along. They return with something ... [ Read More ]

W.A.S.P. Golgotha CD Album Review

W.A.S.P.: Golgotha

Melodic Heavy Metal

Though I lived through the day, I never cared much for W.A.S.P. back in the day. Between them and Motley Crue and their goofy sadomasochistic pseudo-Satanic leather ... [ Read More ]

Queensryche Human Condition CD Album Review

Queensryche: Human Condition

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

When is Queensryche no longer Queensryche? Or perhaps asked another way, when does Queensryche begin to not sound like Queensryche anymore. I'm not ... [ Read More ]

21Octayne 2.0 CD Album Review

21Octayne: 2.0

Melodic Hard Rock

It's hardly uncommon. If you counted the number of sophomore albums simply called 2, 2.0, or II from rock bands over the last 40 years, you probably could buy a fifth ... [ Read More ]

Gloryhammer Space 1992 Rise Of The Chaos Wizards CD Album Review

Gloryhammer: Space 1992 Rise Of The Chaos ...

Power Metal

Gloryhammer. Could you guess that the name implies power metal? Odds are. German power metal at that from a band of brothers who looked like they just stepped out ... [ Read More ]

Casablanca Miskatonic Graffiti CD Album Review

Casablanca: Miskatonic Graffiti

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

Something's different. Upon first gaze of the album artwork and then upon listening to Miskatonic Graffiti, this couldn't be Swedish band Casablanca. At least not the ... [ Read More ]

Horisont Odyssey CD Album Review

Horisont: Odyssey

(Classic) Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

There are some possible clues to the nature and sound of Gothenberg's Horisont. One, in the photo below, the band looks like a bunch of hippies from the early ... [ Read More ]

Christian Mistress To Your Death CD Album Review

Christian Mistress: To Your Death

Traditional Heavy Metal

When play the type of music Christian Mistress plays, classic old school heavy metal, you can't expect much recognition, notably within the mainstream music industry ... [ Read More ]

A Sound Of Thunder Tales From The Deadside CD Album Review

A Sound Of Thunder: Tales From The Deadside

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Science fiction, fantasy, sword and sorcery, and metaphysics have been the inspiration and fodder for many heavy metal bands and their songs. Often these things ... [ Read More ]

Cats In Space Too Many Gods CD Album Review

Cats In Space: Too Many Gods

AOR Melodic Rock

First, I want to know how they came up with their name. Was the kitty lover of the band watching too many reruns of the original Muppet Show? Remember Pigs In ... [ Read More ]

Romeo Jones Detective - New Crime Fiction by Craig Hartranft
Album of the Week
Click to read the W.A.S.P. - Golgotha album review

Though I lived through the day, I never cared much for W.A.S.P. back in the day. Between them and Motley Crue and their goofy sadomasochistic pseudo-Satanic leather posturing, they seemed only cheap imitations of Alice Cooper's ... [ Read More ]

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