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New Music Reviews
Bulletproof Rose - Loud Hard Fast EP CD Album Review

Bulletproof Rose: Loud Hard Fast (EP)

Hard Rock

Here's another band of youngsters who have been raiding their parents' record collection, mostly the albums from the late Eighties. Hailing from the UK, Bulletproof Rose ... [ Read More ]

Sacred Blood - Argonautica CD Album Review

Sacred Blood: Argonautica

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Every three or four years Greek band Sacred Blood returns to tell another tale from Hellenistic history and mythology. With Argonautica, the story is about the fabled ... [ Read More ]

Band Of Spice - Economic Dancers CD Album Review

Band Of Spice: Economic Dancers

Hard Rock

Band Of Spice is a rebranding of sorts for guitarist and vocalist Spice (Spiritual Beggars, Kayser) from the previous Spice and the RJ Band. It appears R and J are no longer ... [ Read More ]

Chip DiMonick - Uncaged EP CD Album Review

Chip DiMonick: Uncaged (EP)

Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

I haven't heard from Pittsburgh rocker Chip DiMonick in three years, but it appears he's been busy. For three straight years, 2012 through 2014, his band has been ... [ Read More ]

Jettblack - Disguises CD Album Review

Jettblack: Disguises

Heavy Rock/Metal

Having made a name for themselves with two albums and extensive gigs in the UK and Europe, Jettblack returns with their third album Disguises. Yet, it's my first ... [ Read More ]

Nightwish - Endless Forms Most Beautiful CD Album Review

Nightwish: Endless Forms Most Beautiful

Symphonic Heavy/Power Metal

We should probably cut to the chase, start at the end, the conclusion. The new Nightwish album, Endless Forms Most Beautiful is pretty darn terrific. But you might ... [ Read More ]

Bad Touch - Half Way Home CD Album Review

Bad Touch: Half Way Home

(Melodic) Hard Rock

Bad Touch, from Norfolk UK, are misplaced in time and place. They should be somewhere in Georgia and the year should be 1985. Formed as youngsters, some in ... [ Read More ]

Peter Matuchniak - Destiny CD Album Review

Peter Matuchniak: Destiny

Melodic Progressive Rock

There's little doubt guitarist and composer Peter Matuchniak is a talented fellow. He returns with his second solo project, Destiny, published through Melodic ... [ Read More ]

Madre De Dios Self-titled Debut CD Album Review

Madre De Dios: Madre De Dios

Hard/Heavy Rock

After bouncing around Italy and the general European theater in late 2014, Madre De Dios' debut album hits the shores of North America via the major digital download ... [ Read More ]

The Dystopian Project - Death Leaves An Echo EP CD Album Review

The Dystopian Project: Death Leaves An Echo EP

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Here's The Dystopian Project, an upstart Irish metal formed a mere two years ago. The female-fronted band will self-release their first EP, Death Leaves An Echo at the ... [ Read More ]

Iris Divine - Karma Sown CD Album Review

Iris Divine: Karma Sown

Progressive Metal

Emerging from the Washington DC metal underground, Iris Divine may be on the cusp of getting some significant recognition. The band releases their first ... [ Read More ]

De La Muerte 2015 CD Album Review

De La Muerte: De La Muerte

Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Italy's De La Muerte is a young band, formed only last year. But the have their first self-titled album and a label gig. Not bad. They also have somewhat of a novel twist for ... [ Read More ]

Cyrax - Pictures CD Album Review

Cyrax: Pictures

Progressive Metal

On the success of their EP, Reflections, Italy's Cyrax returns with their first full-length album, Pictures. First impressions can sometimes be tricky and perhaps set aside for ... [ Read More ]

Temperance - Limitless CD Album Review

Temperance: Limitless

Progressive Power Metal

This will be a short review. At least I hope to make it so. There's not much to say about Temperance's second album, Limitless, that hasn't been said about the first ... [ Read More ]

Brainticket - Past Present & Future CD Album Review

Brainticket: Past Present & Future

Psychedelic/Space/Kraut Rock

Have you ever wondered how a certain music genre got it's name? Who got to decide that a certain style of music should be called such? I've wondered that about ... [ Read More ]

Consider The Source - World War Trio Part I CD Album Review

Consider The Source: World War Trio Part I

Instrumental Progressive Rock

Absent from the studio for nearly four years, avant garde progressive rock trio, Consider The Source return with World War Trio Part I. The EP is the first of a ... [ Read More ]

Damnation Angels - The Valiant Fire CD Album Review

Damnation Angels: The Valiant Fire

Symphonic Heavy/Power Metal

One thing's for sure. Damnation Angels is consistent. Their latest album, The Valiant Fire, is simply another chapter in the same symphonic power metal book which ... [ Read More ]

Von Hertzen Brothers - New Day Rising CD Album Review

Von Hertzen Brothers: New Day Rising

Melodic Progressive Rock/Metal

Beginning with Stars Aligned and continuing with 2013's Nine Lives, Von Hertzen Brothers musical fame and success has been growing to international scale ... [ Read More ]

King Hitter 2015 EP CD Album Review

King Hitter: King Hitter

(Modern) Heavy Metal

King Hitter is the aggregation of several seasoned musicians from various bands: Karl Agell (Corrosion of Conformity, Leadfoot) on vocals, Scott Little also ... [ Read More ]

Enforcer - From Beyond CD Album Review

Enforcer: From Beyond

Heavy/Speed Metal

If there's any band that can make you feel that you're back in the heyday of early Eighties tape-trading it would be Sweden's Enforcer. The band, unapologetically, plays ... [ Read More ]

Mammoth Mammoth - Volume IV Hammered Again CD Album Review

Mammoth Mammoth: Volume IV

Hard/Heavy/Stoner Rock

Australia's Mammoth Mammoth certainly lives up to their name. Their music comes at you like two of those huge hairy monsters moving at a heavy stomping pace ... [ Read More ]

Ilium - My Misanthropia CD Album Review

Ilium: My Misanthropia

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Ilium returns with their sixth album, My Misanthropria by turning a new chapter in their history. Mike DiMeo (Riot, Masterplan) is out on vocals; Lance King, a vocalist of some ... [ Read More ]

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Click to read the Cyrax - Pictures album review

On the success of their EP, Reflections, Italy's Cyrax returns with their first full-length album, Pictures. First impressions can sometimes be tricky and perhaps set aside for additional listens ... [ Read More ]

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