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Read the Ivanhoe - Blood And Gold Music Review

Every three to five years German metal legends Ivanhoe return to the studio. But their latest and eighth studio album, Blood And Gold comes with some personnel changes, adding new guitarist Lars Vogtle and ... [ Read More ]

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Spell - Opulent Decay Music Review

Spell: Opulent Decay

Melodic/Psychedelic/Heavy Rock

From the far west of Canada, Spell rose from the populous and ethnically diverse city of Vancouver in 2013 (after a name change from Stryker). After the transformation ... [ Read More ]

Lost Legacy - In The Name Of Freedom Music Review

Lost Legacy: In The Name Of Freedom

American Heavy/Power Metal

The Bronx, the borough in New York City, is well-known for a great many things, like Yankee Stadium, the Bronx Zoo, and being the third-most densely populated county ... [ Read More ]

Liar - Sunset Plaza Drive Music Review

Liar: Sunset Plaza Drive

Classic Melodic Hard Rock

Some fans of Seventies classic rock, mostly from England I suspect, will remember Liar. Formed in 1975, the band went on to release to well-received albums: 1977's ... [ Read More ]

Ivanhoe - Blood And Gold Music Review

Ivanhoe: Blood And Gold

Melodic Progressive Rock/Metal

Every three to five years German metal legends Ivanhoe return to the studio. But their latest and eighth studio album, Blood And Gold comes with some personnel changes ... [ Read More ]

The Oneira - Injection Music Review

The Oneira: Injection

Melodic Progressive Rock

Launched some ten years ago and led by Greek musician and composer Filippos Gougoumis, The Oneira features a multinational cast including Gianpaolo ... [ Read More ]

The Unity - Pride Music Review

The Unity: Pride

Melodic Heavy Metal Rock

Some years ago, the band formerly known as Love.Might.Kill dissolved, only to be resurrected as The Unity in 2016 by ex-Love.Might.Kill member and current Gamma ... [ Read More ]

Gotthard - #13 Music Review

Gotthard: #13

Melodic Hard Rock

Soon to be celebrating 30 years in the business, Gotthard has been one of the most successful Swiss rock acts with 16 number one albums in their own country alone ... [ Read More ]

Deadrisen 2020 Self-titled Debut Music Review

Deadrisen: Deadrisen

Progressive Power Metal

Hailing from the larger New York and New Jersey metropolitan area is the new metal band, Deadrisen, created by Rivera/Bomma guitarist Rod Rivera and ... [ Read More ]

David Reece - Cacophony Of Souls Music Review

David Reece: Cacophony Of Souls

Heavy Metal Rock

Journeyman vocalist David Reece has been traveling the roads of the heavy metal underground since the late Eighties. His voice has been heard with legendary ... [ Read More ]

Black Hawk - Destination Hell Music Review

Black Hawk: Destination Hell

Traditional Heavy Metal

Ten years ago, Germany's Black Hawk were going Straight To Hell on their fifth studio album. Now, with their latest album the Teutonic metallers again find their ... [ Read More ] - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft
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Read the King Zebra 2019 EP Music Review

When Swiss band King Zebra started in 2012, the band had one goal in mind, create infectious arena ready classic rock. With some tongue-in-cheek enthusiasm they dropped their first album Greatest Hits ... [ Read More ]

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