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Read the Lovekillers: Featuring Tony Harnell Music Review

Something of a legend as a vocalist, Tony Harnell has had an long and impressive career. He first rose to some acclaim with Norwegian band TNT in the mid-Eighties, but there's also Westworld and Starbreaker ... [ Read More ]

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The Murder Of My Sweet - Brave Tin World Music Review

The Murder Of My Sweet: Brave Tin World

Symphonic Melodic Metal Rock

As consistent as the change of seasons, The Murder Of My Sweet (TMOMS) returns with a new studio album after a two year hiatus. Brave Tin World is the band's ... [ Read More ]

Power Theory - Force Of Will Music Review

Power Theory: Force Of Will

Heavy Power Metal

Philadelphia's Power Theory returns to the studio after a four year hiatus, and once more we have to discuss personnel changes. Founding member and guitarist ... [ Read More ]

Lovekillers Featuring Tony Harnell Music Review

Lovekillers: Featuring Tony Harnell

Melodic Hard Rock/AOR

Something of a legend as a vocalist, Tony Harnell has had an long and impressive career. He first rose to some acclaim with Norwegian band TNT in the mid-Eighties, but ... [ Read More ]

Human Fortress - Reign Of Gold Music Review

Human Fortress: Reign Of Gold

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Every three years or so Germany's Human Fortress revisits the studio to record a new album. With their most stable line up since 2013, and vocalist Gus Monsanto ... [ Read More ]

House Of Shakira - Radiocarbon Music Review

House Of Shakira: Radiocarbon

Melodic Hard Rock/AOR

Soon to advance into their fourth decade of music, House Of Shakira returns with their ninth and latest studio album, Radiocarbon. My last experience with ... [ Read More ]

Edge Of Forever - Native Soul Music Review

Edge Of Forever: Native Soul

Melodic Metal Rock

We all know Alessandro Del Vecchio as an accomplished and prolific singer, songwriter, keyboard player, and producer. As a musician, and especially as a producer ... [ Read More ]

Crystal Eyes - Starbourne Traveler Music Review

Crystal Eyes: Starbourne Traveler

Melodic Power Metal Rock

It takes Mikael Dahl (founder, songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist) and Crystal Eyes four to six years, but the band eventually finds their way back to the studio. Starbourne ... [ Read More ]

A New Tomorrow - Universe Music Review

A New Tomorrow: Universe

Melodic Hard & Heavy Rock

Created by vocalist and guitarist Alessio Garavello (late of Powerquest, Arthemis), A New Tomorrow has been plugging away in the greater London hard rock ... [ Read More ]

Street Lethal - Welcome To The Row Music Review

Street Lethal: Welcome To The Row

Traditional Heavy Metal

Hailing from Barcelona, Street Lethal is a young Spanish metal band, with equally young members ( and all having stage names ending in lethal). I'm not sure if any of them ... [ Read More ]

Strider - Dominion Of Steel Music Review

Strider: Dominion Of Steel

Traditional Heavy/Power Metal

Apparently, little is known about Finland's Strider. Their online presence is limited to Facebook, where there is no biography of the band. Lion Music provides little in their ... [ Read More ] - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft
This Week, Last Year
Read the Magic Dance - New Eyes Music Review

I wonder if Magic Dance creator Jon Siejka is old enough to have seen any John Hughes films back in the Eighties. You know, like Pretty In Pink, Sixteen Candles, or Some Kind Of Wonderful? Was he even born yet? ... [ Read More ]

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