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New Music Reviews
Red February On The Run CD Album Review

Red February: On The Run

(Melodic) Modern Hard Rock
3.5 / 5.0

Boasting an international cast of characters, including German guitarist Markus Spohn and Australian vocalist and songwriter Marcus Cappellazzo, Red Febraury ... [ Read More ]

Rush Presto SACD 2014 CD Album Review

Rush: Presto (SACD)

Melodic/Progressive Rock/Metal
No Score

What's your favorite Rush album? Something very early, like Caress of Steel or 2112? Or perhaps something from their successful mainstream period? ... [ Read More ]

Heylel - Nebulae CD Album Review

Heylel: Nebulae

Melodic/Progressive Rock

Heylel is an ambitious melodic progressive rock band from Portugal formed around writer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Narciso Montiero. His first work ... [ Read More ]

Derdian - Human Reset CD Album Review

Derdian: Human Reset

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

With changes and transition, introducing a new singer and forgoing a record label, in the past, Italy's Derdian returns with a stable line up and another solid ... [ Read More ]

Grave Digger Return of the Reaper CD Album Review

Grave Digger: Return of the Reaper

Heavy/Speed/Power Metal

With 34 years in the business, you can call German stalwart Grave Digger a career heavy metal band. Even with a break up and hiatus for six years between 1987 ... [ Read More ]

13.07.2014 : New Music Reviews
The Eye Jabs Sounds of the Fourth Dimension CD Album Review

The Eye Jabs: Sounds of the Fourth Dimension

Melodic/Psychedelic Rock

You have to find some humor in their band names: The Eye Jabs. A rather uncomfortable thought, getting jabbed in the eye by a thumb or such. Then there's the ... [ Read More ]

Uncommon Evolution EP 2014 CD Album Review

Uncommon Evolution: Uncommon Evolution (EP)

Heavy Rock

Coming from the plains and mountains of 'big sky country' is Montana's Uncommon Evolution, delivering their debut self-titled five song EP. They're a power ... [ Read More ]

Crystal Eyes Killer CD Album Review

Crystal Eyes: Killer

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

It's hard to believe the first and last time I heard from Sweden's Crystal Eyes was nearly six years ago. 2008's Chained was one of those guilty pleasures: a fine ... [ Read More ]

Forensick - The Prophecy CD Album Review

Forensick: The Prophecy

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Revving it up old school for their second album, The Prophecy, is Germany's Forensick. Their music is straight out of the Eighties classic heavy metal mold ... [ Read More ]

AOR L.A. Connection CD Album Review

AOR: L.A. Connection

AOR/Melodic Rock

Sticking to his 'LA' theme, classic AOR melodic rock music, and his formula of creating it with the best musicians of the genre, Frederic Sal ma returns with ... [ Read More ]

Yes Heaven & Earth EP CD Album Review

Yes: Heaven & Earth

Melodic Progressive Rock

Coming to review a new Yes album is like coming to the holy grail of melodic progressive rock. What do you say about about one of the seminal and most prolific classic ... [ Read More ]

The Van Burens - Presidential Lovefest EP CD Album Review

The Van Burens: Presidential Lovefest (EP)

Alt/Indie/Melodic Rock

The band takes their name from Martin Van Buren, one of the most unpopular and inept Presidents, not unlike Barack Obama, in American history. Like our ... [ Read More ]

Ichabod Krane Day of Reckoning CD Album Review

Ichabod Krane: Day of Reckoning

Heavy/Power Metal

Ichabod Krane is a new band that features veterans of the American underground metal scene. There's Rick Craig on guitar and George Neal on bass, both ... [ Read More ]

Reaper An Atheist Monument CD Album Review

Reaper: An Atheist Monument

Heavy Metal

To celebrate 30 years of heavy metal, Germany's Reaper brings a new album, An Atheist Monument. It's an interesting fact and somewhat odd, however ... [ Read More ]

Night By Night NxN CD Album Review

Night By Night: NxN

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

Let's start with the finish: if you haven't pre-ordered (or, if reading after the release date, bought) Night By Night's debut album NxN, stop reading (did I just say that) ... [ Read More ]

Steel Prophet Omniscient CD Album Review

Steel Prophet: Omniscient

Progressive Power Metal

While largely active and prolific over ten years in the late 90's and early 2000's, Steel Prophet has been silent for nearly ten years. But in the last several years, guitarist ... [ Read More ]

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Click to read the Derdian - Human Reset CD album review

With changes and transition, introducing a new singer and forgoing a record label, in the past, Italy's Derdian returns with a stable line up and another solid foray into melodic power metal ... [ Read More ]

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