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Click to read the Flashback Of Anger - Shades music review

Italy's Flashback Of Anger is another band who has a consistently sporadic output. Did you catch that contradiction of terms? The band drops an album on the average of about every four years, with the current gap ... [ Read More ]

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Chrome Division - One Last Ride Music Review

Chrome Division: One Last Ride

Heavy Metal Rock

This is the end. After five albums Chrome Division, formed by Shagrath of Dimmu Borgir, will call it quits. But the band will do it with some style, delivering their ... [ Read More ]

Brothers Of Metal - Prophecy Of Ragnarok Music Review

Brothers Of Metal: Prophecy Of Ragnarok

Heavy/Power Metal

Hail puny mortals! Turn off your idiotic Game Of Thrones and Vikings television shows. I, Odin, give you Brothers Of Metal! Yes, how metal is Brothers Of Metal? Very ... [ Read More ]

Flashback Of Anger - Shades Music Review

Flashback Of Anger: Shades

Heavy/Power Metal

Italy's Flashback Of Anger is another band who has a consistently sporadic output. Did you catch that contradiction of terms? The band drops an album on the ... [ Read More ]

Divine Ascension - The Uncovering Music Review

Divine Ascension: The Uncovering

Progressive Power Metal

While it's been some four years since Divine Ascension dropped Liberator, the band has been busy. On the strength of that album the band hit the road in Europe ... [ Read More ]

Care Of Night - Love Equals War Music Review

Care Of Night: Love Equals War

Melodic Hard Rock/AOR

And we thought they might be a flash in the pan, a one album wonder. The last we heard from Sweden's Care Of Night was 2015's Connected, an album that found favor ... [ Read More ]

Frozen Land 2018 Self-title Debut Album Music Review

Frozen Land: Frozen Land

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

A country no stranger to frigid weather or heavy metal, Finland gives us a new power metal band, Frozen Land. With a fondness for 90s Finnish power metal ... [ Read More ]

Nordic Union - Second Coming Music Review

Nordic Union: Second Coming

Melodic Heavy Metal Rock

No, Jesus has not made his triumphant return to earth. Second Coming marks the return of the Nordic union of Danish vocalist Ronnie Atkins (Pretty Maids) and ... [ Read More ]

Holter - Vlad The Impaler Music Review

Holter: Vlad The Impaler

Heavy/Power Metal

Heavy metal and horror go together like Democrats (Socialists, if you're in Europe) and big government. So it's no surprise that former Wig Wam guitarist Trond Holter ... [ Read More ]

Ashes Of Ares - Well Of Souls Music Review

Ashes Of Ares - Well Of Souls

Heavy/Power Metal

There's always been extra room in the circular file known as the "where have the been" file. After better than five years, American metal band Ashes Of Ares makes ... [ Read More ]

Red Dragon Cartel - Patina Music Review

Red Dragon Cartel: Patina

Melodic Hard Rock

Holy shit. Where does the time go? It's been nearly five years since guitarist Jake E. Lee came out of hibernation to cut an album. The master guitarist, known for his ... [ Read More ] - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft
This Time Last Year
Click to read the Samarkind 2017 Self-titled Debut Album music CD Album review

You might be surprised when I say that some weeks the music I consider for review is so predictable to be merely mundane. And then I have to find words to say about it. I'm not necessarily looking for something ... [ Read More ]

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