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Read the Stargate - The Dream Music Review

Once more we revisit Greece to hear from Hellenic metal band Stargate. Formed some 15 years ago, the band has been consistently releasing studio albums, about every three years, since 2013. What hasn't ... [ Read More ]

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Wayward Sons - The Truth Ain't What It Used To Be Album Music Review

Wayward Sons: The Truth Ain't What It Used To Be

Melodic Hard Rock

Formed and led by singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer Toby Jepson (Little Angels), Wayward Sons dropped their debut album, Ghosts Of Yet To Come, a mere ... [ Read More ]

Vanden Plas - The Ghost Xperiment Album Music Review

Vanden Plas: The Ghost Xperiment

Progressive Metal

The prolific and consistent Vanden Plas enter their third decade with the same lineup from the start and a new concept album. Neither facts are lost on their fans ... [ Read More ]

The Ferrymen - A New Evil Album Music Review

The Ferrymen: A New Evil

Heavy Power Metal

Back for another spin on your smart phone, and hopefully home stereo, is metal triumvirate The Ferrymen. The band features exceptional producer, songwriter, and ... [ Read More ]

Stargate - The Dream Album Music Review

Stargate: The Dream

Melodic Metal

Once more we revisit Greece to hear from Hellenic metal band Stargate. Formed some 15 years ago, the band has been consistently releasing studio albums ... [ Read More ]

Michael Monroe - One Man Gang Album Music Review

Michael Monroe: One Man Gang

Hard Rock

Iconic and riotous rocker Michael Monroe got the back together. Raised on radio, his father's vinyl, and heavy doses of Little Richard, MC5, and Alice Cooper ... [ Read More ]

Screamer - Highway Of Heroes Album Music Review

Eclipse - Paradigm

Melodic Heavy Metal Rock

It's hard to believe. Sweden's Eclipse has been going strong for 20 years. Formed in 1999, they dropped their debut album, The Truth And A Little More, a mere two years ... [ Read More ]

Screamer - Highway Of Heroes Album Music Review

Screamer: Highway Of Heroes

Traditional Heavy Metal

Once more I revisit the past to introduce the present. The last I heard from Sweden's Screamer was their second album 2013's Phoenix, a solid album of traditional ... [ Read More ]

Dream Company - The Wildest Season Album Music Review

Dream Company: The Wildest Season

Melodic Hard Rock

Okay. Everybody who opines about Dream Company's debut album The Wildest Dream is going to begin with one historical fact. For past 13 years or less ... [ Read More ]

Seven Kingdoms - Empty Eyes EP Album Music Review

Seven Kingdoms: Empty Eyes EP

Melodic Heavy Metal

All but three years ago, Florida's Seven Kingdoms dropped Decennium, an interesting album of power metal, self-funded through crowd sourcing. Using Kickstarter ... [ Read More ]

Iron Kingdom - On The Hunt Album Music Review

Iron Kingdom: On The Hunt

Traditional Heavy/Power Metal

My last turn with Canada's Iron Kingdom came with 2013's Gates Of Eternity, an album born out of tragedy. Founding members, brother and sister, Chris ... [ Read More ] - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft
This Week, Last Year
Read the Seventh Wonder - Tiara Music Review

While not exactly flying under our heavy metal radar, Sweden's Seventh Wonder hasn't dropped a new studio album since 2010's The Great Escape. But they have been modestly active. The band appeared ... [ Read More ]

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