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New Music Reviews
Lethal Saint - WWIII CD Album Review

Lethal Saint: WWIII

Heavy Metal

From the small island of Cyprus, which has a viable underground metal, comes Lethal Saint with their second album, WWIII, now own Germany's Pure Steel ... [ Read More ]

Red Rose - Anniversary EP CD Album Review

Red Rose: Anniversary (EP)

Melodic Hard Rock/AOR

In between albums and to celebrate five years in the music biz, Red Rose offers a short EP of four tunes, Anniversary. It's more of their catchy AOR melodic hard rock, which ... [ Read More ]

Anthropia - Non-Euclidean Spaces CD Album Review

Anthropia: Non-Euclidean Spaces

Progressive Power Metal

It would be a challenge and take some skill to put H.P. Lovecraft's abstract and arcane literature to music, but French progressive metal band Anthropia has given ... [ Read More ]

The Answer - Raise A Little Hell CD Album Review

The Answer: Raise A Little Hell

(Melodic) Hard Rock

Every time I think we've heard the last of Ireland's The Answer, they reappear with a new album. Actually, they have been rather consistent, releasing an album every ... [ Read More ]

The Shams - One And All EP CD Album Review

The Shams: One And All (EP)

Melodic Rock

While I have Irish in my blood from ancestry, my knowledge of Irish slang and euphenisms is quite limited. From some scant research, in Irish Cork County slang ... [ Read More ]

Santa Cruz 2015 Second CD Album Review

Santa Cruz: Santa Cruz

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

Stealing a page from 1987, and bands like Guns N Roses and Skid Row, is Finnish wunderkinds Santa Cruz. With their self-titled sophomore effort, the foursome revisits ... [ Read More ]

Motor Sister - Ride CD Album Review

Sacral Rage: Illusions In Infinite Void

Traditional Heavy/Power Metal

Here's another band revisiting classic heavy/power metal with some skill and creativity. From Athens, Sacral Rage have one EP to their credit, but now they arrive with ... [ Read More ]

Motor Sister - Ride CD Album Review

Motor Sister: Ride

Heavy Rock/Metal

If you know the band Mother Superior, then you're one step ahead of me when it comes to explaining Motor Sister. Most may know the band as Henry Rollins' back up ... [ Read More ]

Lonely Robot - Please Come Home CD Album Review

Lonely Robot: Please Come Home

Melodic Progressive Rock

As if he isn't busy enough. While his principal gig is It Bites, vocalist, guitarist, and composer John Mitchell also spends time with Frost, Kino, and Arena, among ... [ Read More ]

The Gentle Storm - The Diary CD Album Review

The Gentle Storm: The Diary

Melodic/Symphonic/Progressive Rock

Prolific composer and multi-instrumentalist Arjen Lucassen and vocalist Anneke van Giersbergen are no strangers to each other. They worked together several times ... [ Read More ]

Axemaster - Overture To Madness CD Album Review

Axemaster: Overture To Madness

Heavy/Power Metal

Ohio's Axemaster has been mucking it about in the American underground metal scene for some 30 years. Yet, it appears most of their recognition and success ... [ Read More ]

Thunderheart - Night of the Warriors CD Album Review

Thunderheart: Night of the Warriors

Heavy Metal

Thunderheart hails from Spain, born out of several successful metal bands including Calibre Zero,Steel Horse, and Wild. The band offers a trio of musicians with Willy ... [ Read More ]

Various Artists - Stoned A Pysch Tribute to The Rolling Stones CD Album Review

Stoned: A Psych Tribute to The Rolling Stones

Psychedelic Rock

I've never been a huge Stones fan, but I had a few albums as a kid and have followed their career mostly through to the Nineties. They've had an impact on so many ... [ Read More ]

Doghouse Swine - Fearless (EP) CD Album Review

Doghouse Swine: Fearless (EP)

Hard/Punk Rock

If truth be told, there are at least two musical genres that I've had a declining interest in over the last five years, passing them by for review. One is thrash metal simply ... [ Read More ]

Trauma - Rapture and Wrath CD Album Review

Trauma; Rapture and Wrath

(Traditional)Heavy Metal

Bay Area metal band Trauma's history dates back better than 30 years, with some notable highlights. They had one song on 1982's Metal Massacre II from Metal Blade ... [ Read More ]

The Storyteller - Sacred Fire CD Album Review

The Storyteller: Sacred Fire

Power Metal

As we all know, the larger European theater is rife with classic power metal bands, with Scandinavia adding more than a few of their own. It's like the abundance of lawyers ... [ Read More ]

M-Opus - 1975 Triptych CD Album Review

M-Opus: 1975 Triptych

Melodic Progressive Rock

It appears Irish progsters M-Opus, principally Jonathan Casey (vocals, keyboards) and Colin Sullivan (guitars), want to be time travelers, probably in Dr. Brown's tricked ... [ Read More ]

Album of the Week
Click to read the Lonely Robot - Please Come Home CD album review

As if he isn't busy enough. While his principal gig is It Bites, vocalist, guitarist, and composer John Mitchell also spends time with Frost, Kino, and Arena, among other UK prog outfits. So he thinks, I've got a few ... [ Read More ]

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