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The Gloria Story Greetings From Electric Wasteland CD Album Review

The Gloria Story: Greetings From Electric ...

Classic Hard Rock

Consistency is a fine thing. Sweden's The Gloria Story have a chosen path and they stick to it on their third album Greetings From Electric Wasteland. As I wrote ... [ Read More ]

AlphaState Out Of The Black CD Album Review

AlphaState: Out Of The Black

Heavy Metal

Rumbling out of economically troubled Greece is a new heavy metal band, AlphaState with their first album, Out Of The Black. Press material indicates that the band was ... [ Read More ]

The Carburetors Laughing In The Face Of Death CD Album Review

The Carburetors: Laughing In The Face Of Death

Heavy Metal Rock

I'm hardly a wrenchhead, but I do know something about cars. I know the purpose a carburetor. It combines gasoline and air creating a highly combustible mixture, that ... [ Read More ]

Signum Regis Chapter IV - The Reckoning CD Album Review

Signum Regis: Chapter IV - The Reckoning

Power Metal

According to the promise made with an EP in the Spring, Signum Regis returns with fourth album, appropriately titled Chapter IV - The Reckoning. Surprisingly ... [ Read More ]

Blackslash Sinister Lightning CD Album Review

Blackslash: Sinister Lightning

(Traditional) Heavy Metal

The parents of Blackslash band members may want to check their vinyl record collection. They might find they're missing some choice New Wave of British Heavy ... [ Read More ]

Scorcher Steal The Throne CD Album Review

Scorcher: Steal The Throne

Heavy/Power Metal

Even though I have a picture of a band below, Scorcher is really a "band" in the usual sense. No, it's just one guy, namely, Vangelis Tex or just Tex to his friends ... [ Read More ]

Mystery Delusional Rain CD Album Review

Mystery: Delusional Rain

Melodic Progressive Rock

One of the finest progressive rock band in North America, Mystery from Canada, returns with a new album, Delusional Rain. And as you might suspect, with the vocal ... [ Read More ]

v CD Album Review

Armageddon: Heartless Soul

Heavy/Power Metal

Known as the longest active metal band from Cyprus, Armageddon Rev 16:16 returns with their second album, Heartless Soul, now signed to Steel ... [ Read More ]

Phantasma The Deviant Hearts CD Album Review

Phantasma: The Deviant Hearts

Melodic/Symphonic/Heavy Metal

With a cursory scan of the Internet, even before their first album is released, some are calling Phantasma a symphonic supergroup. There's good reason for some ... [ Read More ]

Naked - End Game CD Album Review

Naked: End Game

Melodic Hard Rock/AOR

I'm not sure how the band name came about. Maybe the founders, Peter Sundvall (v) and Mats Stattin (rg), were naked together in a Swedish hot tub bobbing for ... [ Read More ]

Imperia Tears Of Silence CD Album Review

Imperia: Tears Of Silence

Symphonic/Heavy/Power Metal

Okay. I've got to get if off my chest. Here we go again, another female-fronted melodic and symphonic heavy metal band. This time it's Imperia, a multi-national band ... [ Read More ]

Diviner Fallen Empires CD Album Review

Diviner: Fallen Empires

Heavy/Power Metal

Alright. Diviner is a new band in the heavy metal universe. Coming from Athens Greece, and formed by friends, vocalist Yiannis Papanikolaou and guitarist ... [ Read More ]

Katana The Greatest Victory CD Album Review

Katana: The Greatest Victory

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

When the promotional invitation appeared in my inbox for Katana's new album The Greatest Victory, my first reaction was, "I wondered what happened to this band?" The ... [ Read More ]

The Tea Club - Grappling CD Album Review

The Tea Club: Grappling

Progressive Rock

After a few years of absence, Philly's The Tea Club returns with a new album, Grappling. As usual with their progressive rock, you're transported into a past time ... [ Read More ] - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft
Ravenous We Are Become Death CD Album Review

Ravenous: We Are Become Death

Heavy/Thrash/Speed Metal

Getting something of a reboot from signing to a label, Coffee Jingle Records, UK metal band Ravenous will be releasing their first album, We Are Become Death ... [ Read More ]

No Bros Metal Marines CD Album Review

No Bros: Metal Marines

Melodic Heavy Metal

Likely one of Austria's most legendary hard and heavy acts, No Bros is back with a new album Metal Marines. The lion share of their success occured between 1982 and ... [ Read More ]

Shumaun 2015 Self-titled Debut Album CD Album Review

Shumaun: Shumaun

Melodic Progressive Metal

Sometimes you never know why. But some time between Iris Divine's latest album Karma Sown, released earlier this year, and his new debut project Shumaun ... [ Read More ]

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Click to read the Phanatasma - The Deviant Hearts album review

With a cursory scan of the Internet, even before their first album is released, some are calling Phantasma a symphonic supergroup. There's good reason for some such speculation. Phantasma features the collaboration of founders ... [ Read More ]

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