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Seven - Shattered CD Album Review

Seven: Shattered

AOR Melodic Hard Rock

England's Seven had a bottle rocket-like existence between 1989 and 1990, spinning two singles in the latter year and performing with the likes of Richard Marx ... [ Read More ]

Stargate Longing For Light CD Album Review

Stargate: Longing For Light

Melodic Heavy Metal

Greek metal band Stargate is a band that seems to be in a consistent state fluidity and instability. They released their first eponymous album in 2004, but the ... [ Read More ]

Exile Of Heaven - The Illusion Of Randomity CD Album Review

Exile Of Heaven: The Illusion Of Randomity

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Randomity. Is that a word? When a band's native language is not English, I sometimes wonder what they have in mind when crafting lyrics or an album title. But ... [ Read More ]

Eternal Champion - The Armor Of Ire CD Album Review

Eternal Champion: The Armor Of Ire

Traditional Heavy Metal

Half way between San Antonio and Austin Texas lies the small village of Wimberley, population about 2,600 souls, and home to American epic heavy metal band ... [ Read More ]

Grim Reaper - Walking In The Shadows CD Album Review

Grim Reaper: Walking In The Shadows

Traditional Heavy/Power Metal

It may be a stretch for some, too much of a strain on your memory, but I remember England's Grim Reaper. I had their first two albums 1983's Rock You To Hell ... [ Read More ]

Seventh Wonder - Welcome To Atlanta Live CD Album Review

Seventh Wonder: Welcome To Atlanta

Progressive Power Metal

Besides being the premier heavy metal festival in America, there are many things to love about ProgPower USA. One is you get to see many European and ... [ Read More ]

Fractal Cypher The Human Paradox CD Album Review

Fractal Cypher: The Human Paradox

Progressive Metal

Fractal Cypher, a progressive metal band from Montreal, enters the heavy metal arena with their debut album, The Human Paradox. Prior to the release the band ... [ Read More ]

Icy Steel Through The Ashes CD Album Review

Icy Steel: Through The Ashes

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

I had to look up there location. Icy Steel, a traditional heavy metal band comes from the city of Sassari on the island of Sardinia. I think that's a first for Dangerdog ... [ Read More ] - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft
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Click to read the Seven - Shattered CD album review

England's Seven had a bottle rocket-like existence between 1989 and 1990, spinning two singles in the latter year and performing with the likes of Richard Marx. Then they were gone. But some remembered them ... [ Read More ]

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One Year Ago
Click to read the Praying Mantis - Legacy CD album review

The history of UK's Praying Mantis goes back better than 40 years. The band predated the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, but the same phenomena propelled them to the spotlight. Mostly, over last decade or so, like much of classic rock and metal, they've flown under the mainstream ... [ Read More ]