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New Music Reviews
Temperance 2014 Self-titled Debut CD Album Review

Temperance: Temperance

FFM Heavy/Power Metal

I think there's a factory somewhere. There's a secret factory hidden in the mountains of Europe where clandestine operatives crank out a new female-fronted ... [ Read More ]

Metalsteel This Is Your Revelation CD Album Review

Metalsteel: This Is Your Revelation

Heavy Metal

You can't be much more 'metal' when your band name is Metalsteel. Coming from the small country of Slovenia, at the top of the Adriatic Sea and underneath Austria ... [ Read More ]

Evenoire Herons CD Album Review

Evenoire: Herons

Symphonic Power Metal

Once more we consider another female-fronted symphonic power metal band. This time it's Italy's Evenoire with their second album Herons. If recollection ... [ Read More ]

Battleroar Blood of Legends CD Album Review

Battleroar: Blood of Legends

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Coming from the 'Where Have They Been' file is Greek metal band Battleroar. They haven't had a studio album since 2008 and it appears, from their website ... [ Read More ]

Dirty Skirty - Rebel CD Album Review

Dirty Skirty: Rebel

Melodic Hard Rock

It's tale that can only be told in the annals of rock n roll history. Couple of dudes decide to form a band to play straight up classic American rock and Dirty Skirty is born ... [ Read More ]

Astra Broken Balance CD Album Review

Astra: Broken Balance

Progressive Power Metal

Here's Astra, another band that's been off the radar for quite some, if only because they haven't had a studio album since 2009. Astra returns with Broken Balance ... [ Read More ]

Xandria - Sacrificium CD Album Review

Xandria: Sacrificium

Melodic/Symphonic/Power Metal

Long serving symphonic power metal band Xandria returns with their sixth studio album, Sacrificium, along with a new singer, Dutch vocalist Dianne van Giersbergen ... [ Read More ]

13.04.2014 : New Music Reviews
Count's 77 2014 Self-titled Debut CD Album Review

Count's 77: Count's 77

Melodic Blues Hard Rock

Those who love Las Vegas, custom cars, and tricked out motorcylces may know the 'count' of Count's 77. It's Danny "Count" Koker from the History ... [ Read More ]

Three Lions 2014 Self-titled Debut CD Album Review

Three Lions: Three Lions

Melodic Hard Rock/AOR

Brought together by Frontiers president Serafino Perugino and producer Alessandro Del Vecchio at the 2012 Firefest festival, the three 'lions' of Three Lions are veteran ... [ Read More ]

Romantic Rebel 2014 Self-titled Debut CD Album Review

Romantic Rebel: Romantic Rebel

Heavy Metal

Created only a few years ago by siblings KT Paige (v) and Alex Vincent (g), Romantic Rebel has been tearing up the Chicagoland area with their brand ... [ Read More ]

Mach22 Sweet Talk Intervention CD Album Review

Mach22: Sweet Talk Intervention

Melodic Hard Rock

Considering the talent, experience, and heredity within Philadelphia's Mach22 you would expect something special from this band and their debut album ... [ Read More ]

Iron Knights 2014 Self-titled CD Album Review

Iron Knights: Iron Knights

Heavy/Power/Thrash Metal

Iron Knights rose out of the schism and demise of Stuka Squadron several years ago. But the band didn't fair much better after changing their name ... [ Read More ]

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Click to read the Dirty Skirty - Rebel CD album review

It's tale that can only be told in the annals of rock n roll history. Couple of dudes decide to form a band to play straight up classic American rock and Dirty Skirty is born. Said band turns their local music scene upside down with their tunes ... [ Read More ]

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