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Withem The Unforgiving Road CD Album Review

Withem: The Unforgiving Road

Melodic/Progressive/Power Metal

Founded in 2011, Norway's Withem has come along way in a short time. 2013's The Point Of You was a significant debut album garnering praise from the progressive ... [ Read More ]

Four By Fate Relentless CD Album Review

Four By Fate: Relentless

(Melodic) Hard/Heavy Rock

In the movie Law Abiding Citizen, the villain who kills Gerard Butler's family tells him, after getting acquitted, that "You can't fate." Perhaps that's what John Regan ... [ Read More ]

Crimson Fire Fireborn CD Album Review

Crimson Fire: Fireborn

Heavy/Speed Metal
3.5 / 5.0

Keeping the flame of old school heavy metal burning in their native Greece is Crimson Fire. Born around 2004 the band has been a faithful presence in Greece, delivering ... [ Read More ]

Alchemy Never Too Late Era CD Album Review

Alchemy: Never Too Late

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal
4.0 / 5.0

Alchemy is a promising band from Brescia in northern Italy band. They've been honing their craft for several years now, almost ten, performing live and ... [ Read More ]

Derdian Revoultion Era CD Album Review

Derdian: Revolution Era

Symphonic Power Metal
No Score

Bands, especially those in Europe, do this routinely. I guess it's what you do when the creative musical well is empty. You release a greatest hits album or, more likely ... [ Read More ]

Astrakhan Adrenaline Kiss CD Album Review

Astrakhan: Adrenaline Kiss

Progressive Rock/Metal

I'm not quite sure to begin with this review. Perhaps with some facts. First, the band should not be confused with the sludge metal band from Vancouver. Next, Adrenaline ... [ Read More ]

Krossfire Shades Of Darkness CD Album Review

Krossfire: Shades Of Darkness

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Where does the time go? It's been five years since Bulgaria's Krossfire delivered a new studio album. They return with Shades Of Darkness, and the band remains in ... [ Read More ]

Dan Reed Network Fight Another Day CD Album Review

Dan Reed Network: Fight Another Day

AOR/Melodic Rock

Nope. Never heard of them. And I around back in the Eighties. Dan Reed Network, led and fronted by vocalist Dan Reed, had several albums the pipe between 1986 ... [ Read More ]

Overtures Artifacts CD Album Review

Overtures: Artifacts

Progressive Power Metal

Following the success of 2013's Entering The Maze, Italian metal band Overtures toured much of Europe supporting the album and bands such as Secret Sphere ... [ Read More ]

Wings Of Destiny Kings Of Terror CD Album Review

Wings Of Destiny: Kings Of Terror

Power Metal

Cost Rica isn't the first country I think of for heavy metal. Some really tasty coffee? Oh yeah. But power metal, largely in the European tradition? No so much. But Wings ... [ Read More ]

First Signal One Step Over The Line Harry Hess CD Album Review

First Signal: One Step Over The Line

Melodic Hard Rock

The first incarnation of First Signal featured significant vocalist Harry Hess (Harem Scarem, many others) and the multi-talent musician and producer Dennis Ward ... [ Read More ]

Jorn - Heavy Rock Radio CD Album Review

Jorn: Heavy Rock Radio

Melodic Hard/Heavy Rock

I like Jorn Lande. I really do. He's one of the best pure classic hard rock and heavy metal singers around. A Dio disciple. But sometimes he just makes me scratch my head ... [ Read More ]

Omen Hammer Damage CD Album Review

Omen: Hammer Damage

Heavy/Power Metal

For many fans of traditional American heavy metal, Omen are considered legends in the genre. Started in 1983 by guitarist Kenny Powell in Los Angeles and signed ... [ Read More ]

Frost Falling Satellites CD Album Review

Frost: Falling Satellites

Progressive Rock/Metal

To some surprise, I discovered that UK's Frost has not had a new recording in eight years. Which almost puts them in the dreaded Spinal Tap "where are they now?" ... [ Read More ]

Lonewolf The Heathen Dawn CD Album Review

Lonewolf: The Heathen Dawn

Heavy/Power Metal

France is not the first place I think of for traditional, keep it true, heavy metal. Overrated wine, impossible to make food, and dance music, yeah. But heavy power metal ... [ Read More ]

Iron Savior Titancraft CD Album Review

Iron Savior: Titancraft

Heavy/Power Metal

Titancraft is an appropriated title for Iron Savior's ninth studio album as they are titans of classic German and Teutonic power metal. The band, lead by founder ... [ Read More ] - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft
Album of the Week
Click to read the First Signal - One Step Over The Line CD album review

The first incarnation of First Signal featured significant vocalist Harry Hess (Harem Scarem, many others) and the multi-talent musician and producer Dennis Ward. Eerie echoes of the Harem Scarem sound permeated the self-titled album, and fans ate it up. Now Frontiers ... [ Read More ]

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One Year Ago
Click to read the Thunder - Wonder Days CD album review

If you're from England and you love classic AOR melodic hard rock, then Thunder is no stranger to you. Their early success came in last decade of the last century, but there appearances and output have been a bit spotty over the last fifteen years. Yet even with six years since the last album, the band returns strong with the latest Wonder Days ... [ Read More ]