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Chainsheart - Leaving Planet Hell CD Album Review

Titans Eve: Chasing The Devil

(Modern) Heavy/Power/Thrash Metal

Canadian heavy metal powerhouse Titans Eve return with their third album, Chasing The Devil. The band is somewhat of an anomaly among modern metal bands ... [ Read More ]

Chainsheart - Leaving Planet Hell CD Album Review

Chainsheart: Leaving Planet Hell

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

Hailing from the isle of Cyprus, Chainsheart rocks like it's 1987 on their second long player, Leaving Planet Hell. You might want to step back a few more years because ... [ Read More ]

Exovex - Radio Silence CD Album Review

Exovex: Radio Silence

Progressive Rock/Metal

So here's the skinny. Exovex, from a phonetic pronunciation of a mathematical equation, is the project of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dale Simmons, of whom I have ... [ Read More ]

Kong 2015 Debut EP CD Album Review

Kong: Kong (EP)

Heavy Rock/Metal

Formed only a few years ago, Kong is young and promising hard and heavy band from Norway. They offer their first EP, self-titled, a short platter of four songs ... [ Read More ]

Stormhammer - Echoes of a Lost Paradise CD Album Review

Stormhammer: Echoes of a Lost Paradise

Heavy/power Metal

Absent from the studio for nearly six years, Germany's Stormhammer makes their return with a new line up and album, Echoes of a Lost Paradise. New band ... [ Read More ]

Subterranean Masquerade - The Great Bazaar CD Album Review

Subterranean Masquerade: The Great Bazaar

Progressive Metal

Subterranean Masquerade is progressive metal band based out of Israel but with an international cast of musicians. The band features members from Novembers ... [ Read More ]

A Life Divided - Human CD Album Review

A Life Divided: Human

Melodic Synth Rock

German band A Life Divided arrives with their fifth album Human, and it's my first listening experience with the band. The musical pitch is an amalgamation of ... [ Read More ]

Beauvoir Free - American Trash CD Album Review

Beauvoir/Free: American Trash

Melodic Hard Rock/AOR

Their history dates to the early Nineties when Jean Beauvoir and Micki Free formed Crown Of Thorns, a pearl of a melodic rock band in the midst of grunge. Whether by ... [ Read More ]

Hollow Haze - Memories of an Ancient Time CD Album Review

Hollow Haze: Memories of an Ancient Time

Progressive Power Metal

Italy's Hollow Haze returns with their sixth album, Memories of an Ancient Time, and the revolving door of vocalists continues. This time, after one album, Fabio Lione ... [ Read More ]

Distant Sun - Dark Matter CD Album Review

Distant Sun: Dark Matter

(Modern) Heavy/Thrash Metal

Hailing from Moscow, Distant Sun is basically guitarist Alexey Markov, with the help of local musicians. From what little information I have, it appears Markov cut ... [ Read More ]

Starquake - Times That Matter CD Album Review

Starquake: Times That Matter

Melodic/Progressive Hard Rock

Starquake is the creation of composer and multi-instrumentalist Mikey Wenzel, who likes to call himself "The Voice," you know, like the television show. A member of several ... [ Read More ]

Exxiles - Oblivion CD Album Review

Exxiles: Oblivion

Progressive Metal

Having left Reign of the Architect, drummer Mauricio Bustamante created his new band Exxiles. It's a band with an international cast of players from a variety of ... [ Read More ]

Trixter - Human Era CD Album Review

Trixter: Human Era

Melodic Hard Rock

With a successful resurrection in 2008 and the first new album in twenty years, 2012's New Audio Machine, New Jersey's Trixter remain alive and kicking. And they're ... [ Read More ]

House Of Lords - Indestructible CD Album Review

House Of Lords: Indestructible

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

Indestructible is a landmark of sorts for James Christian and his band House Of Lords. It's their tenth studio album in a career that dates to 1987. It's also been ten years ... [ Read More ]

Helloween - My God Given Right CD Album Review

Helloween: My God Given Right

Heavy/Power Metal

Largely putting power metal on the map in Europe in the mid Eighties, Germany's Helloween returns with their fifteenth album, My God Given Right. If you're counting ... [ Read More ]

Thunder - Wonder Days CD Album Review

Thunder: Wonder Days

AOR/Melodic Hard Rock

If you're from England and you love classic AOR melodic hard rock, then Thunder is no stranger to you. Their early success came in last decade of the last century, but ... [ Read More ]

Worldview - The Chosen Few CD Album Review

Worldview: The Chosen Few

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Worldview is the collaboration of guitarist George Rene Ochoa (Deliverance, Recon, Vengeance Rising) and vocalist Rey Parra (Sacred Warrior), at the suggestion of ... [ Read More ]

Pyramaze - Disciples of the Sun CD Album Review

Pyramaze: Disciples of the Sun

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Where have they been? Danish band Pyramaze has been under the radar or, perhaps better, missing in action for better than seven years. Since then there's been ... [ Read More ]

Romeo Jones Detective - New Crime Fiction by Craig Hartranft

Album of the Week
Click to read the Thunder - Wonder Days album review

If you're from England and you love classic AOR melodic hard rock, then Thunder is no stranger to you. Their early success came in last decade of the last century, but there appearances and output have been a bit spotty over the last fifteen years ... [ Read More ]

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