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Siena Root - Pioneers CD Album Review

Siena Root: Pioneers

Melodic/Heavy/Stoner Rock

Sweden's Siena Root is warping back through their time tunnel to revisit and resurrect 70's classic rock. They've been doing this successfully across Scandinavia ... [ Read More ]

October Rage - Fallout, Dust and Guns EP CD Album Review

October Rage: Fallout, Dust and Guns (EP)

Modern Melodic Hard Rock

Following the success of 2012's Outrage, October Rage returns with a small EP of tunes with a lengthy title Fallout, Dust and Guns. Considering the high regard I held ... [ Read More ]

John Taglieri - Days Like These EP CD Album Review

John Taglieri: Days Like These EP

Melodic Rock/AOR

Like most singer-songwriters, John Taglieri reaches for inspiration from life. In the case of his twelfth recording, the six song EP Days Like These, the initial ... [ Read More ]

Leon Alvarado - 2014 Music From An Expanded Universe EP CD Album Review

Leon Alvarado: 2014 Music From An Expanded ...

Ambient Progressive Space Rock

An accomplished commercial illustrator and designer, Leon Alvarado takes another turn at his second passion, progressive rock music. 2014 Music From An Expanded ... [ Read More ]

Driftglass - All That Remains CD Album Review

Driftglass: All That Remains

Progressive Rock/Metal

This is hardly news, in the sense of 'new news,' as it happened better than six years ago, but Canada's Driftglass had it's origins in another progressive metal band ... [ Read More ]

Steve Hunter - Tone Poems Live CD Album Review

Steve Hunter: Tone Poems Live

(Instrumental) Melodic Blues Rock

Following on the heels of his massively entertaining The Manhattan Blues Project, guitarist Steve Hunter (Alice Cooper, Peter Gabriel, Lou Reed, et al) returns ... [ Read More ]

Eric Clapton - Pilgrim SACD CD Album Review

Eric Clapton Pilgrim (SACD)

Melodic Blues Rock
No Score

Eric Clapton is one of the greats. He's one of the best guitarists and composers to successfully meld blues and rock guitar in a commercially accessible way. While I like ... [ Read More ]

Tyler Porch Band - Only The Sky Knows EP CD Album Review

Tyler Porch Band: Only The Sky Knows (EP)

Melodic Blues Rock

While blues music is not strictly limited to the South, the roots of it are traced there. One thinks of Memphis or Austin, but also Atlanta the base for the Tyler Porch Band ... [ Read More ]

Zero Down No Limit To The Evil CD Album Review

Zero Down: No Limit To The Evil

Classic Heavy/Speed Metal

It always seems odd to me. How is it possible that there are still traditional heavy metal bands in America? Mostly I get pitched bands from Europe. But in the last three ... [ Read More ]

Fortress Under Siege - Phoenix Rising CD Album Review

Fortress Under Siege: Phoenix Rising

Progressive Power Metal

Following an absence of better than a decade, Greece's Fortress Under Siege ressurected and reunited to record their first album in 2011. Still alive, the band returns ... [ Read More ]

Agnosia - A Blot On The Landscape EP CD Album Review

Agnosia: A Blot On The Landscape EP

Progressive Metal

Greece's Agnosia is another band that's remained active over the last several, yet absent from the studio. For their tenth anniversary, the band brings A Blot On ... [ Read More ]

Dragonsfire - Metal X EP CD Album Review

Dragonsfire: Metal X EP

Heavy/Power Metal

Celebrating ten years in the heavy metal arena is Dragonsfire from Germany. Appropriately, they'll do it in style with a new EP called Metal X. It consists of five ... [ Read More ]

Wretch - Warriors CD Album Review

Wretch: Warriors

Classic Heavy/Power Metal

The origins of Cleveland's Wretch go back to the glory days of classic heavy metal in the Eighties, and so does their original demise. LA was calling and the beguiling siren ... [ Read More ]

Space Vacation - Cosmic Vanguard CD Album Review

Space Vacation: Cosmic Vanguard

Classic Heavy/Speed Metal

One thing to say about the strength and tradition of classic heavy metal is that it's presence is largely, and happily, indefatigable. Keeping that spirit alive ... [ Read More ]

Renegade - Thunder Knows No Mercy CD Album Review

Renegade: Thunder Knows No Mercy

Heavy/Power Metal

Hailing from Italy and now signed to Germany's Pure Underground Records, Renegade returns with their fourth album, Thunder Knows No Mercy. Their brand ... [ Read More ]

Michael Jessen - Memories CD Album Review

Michael Jessen: Memories

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

Aspiring solo artist and guitarist Michael Jessen has been honing his chops since the young age of fifteen. The young Dane has been playing in various bands over ... [ Read More ]

Messiah's Kiss - Get Your Bulls Out CD Album Review

Messiah's Kiss: Get Your Bulls Out

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Messiah's Kiss has been missing in action for nearly seven years, mostly due to the health issues of several members including main songwriter guitarist Georg Kraft ... [ Read More ]

Harem Scarem - Thirteen CD Album Review

Harem Scarem: Thirteen

Melodic Hard Rock/AOR

Six years ago they broke up. Last year they got back together, and re-recorded their popular album Mood Swings as Mood Swings II. Then they the hit the road ... [ Read More ]

Dreadful Minds - Love Hate Lies CD Album Review

Dreadful Minds: Love Hate Lies

Melodic Metal

Germany's Dreadful Minds is band that had a twelve year run from 1995 through 2007, with both success and troubles. They had some demos, an EP, and finally an album ... [ Read More ]

Cruizzen - Free Ride CD Album Review

Cruizzen: Free Ride

(Melodic) Hard Rock

After many years of troubled times, German band Cruizzen makes their comeback with a new, and second album, Free Ride, now signed to Pure Rock Records. And ... [ Read More ]

Bloodbound - Stormborn CD Album Review

Bloodbound: Stormborn

Melodic Heavy/Power Metal

When it comes to creating their power metal, Sweden's Bloodbound has always operated from a simple formula: go big or go home. With their latest, and sixth album ... [ Read More ]

Nigel Bailey - Long Way Down CD Album Review

Bailey: Long Way Down

Melodic Hard Rock

Bailey is Nigel Bailey, vocalist and bassist for the UK hard rock act Three Lions. He steps out of that role for his first solo album, Long Way Down, a mere eight months from ... [ Read More ]

Triosphere - The Heart of the Matter CD Album Review

Triosphere: The Heart of the Matter

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Four years in the making, Norway's Triosphere returns with their third album, The Heart of the Matter. It was worth the wait. While reviewed previously on this site ... [ Read More ]

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Click to read the Zero Down - No Limit to the Evil CD album review

It always seems odd to me. How is it possible that there are still traditional heavy metal bands in America? Mostly I get pitched bands from Europe. But in the last three weeks or so, I've had several from my ... [ Read More ]

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