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Bloodbound - Stormborn CD Album Review

Bloodbound: Stormborn

Melodic Heavy/Power Metal

When it comes to creating their power metal, Sweden's Bloodbound has always operated from a simple formula: go big or go home. With their latest, and sixth album ... [ Read More ]

Nigel Bailey - Long Way Down CD Album Review

Bailey: Long Way Down

Melodic Hard Rock

Bailey is Nigel Bailey, vocalist and bassist for the UK hard rock act Three Lions. He steps out of that role for his first solo album, Long Way Down, a mere eight months from ... [ Read More ]

Triosphere - The Heart of the Matter CD Album Review

Triosphere: The Heart of the Matter

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Four years in the making, Norway's Triosphere returns with their third album, The Heart of the Matter. It was worth the wait. While reviewed previously on this site ... [ Read More ]

Starbynary - Dark Passenger CD Album Review

Starbynary: Dark Passenger

Progressive Power Metal

After some prodding, several times actually, from an acquaintance, I've finally begun to watch Dexter. The American television series is about a forensic ... [ Read More ]

All Seeing Eyes - Trinity Road CD Album Review

All Seeing Eyes: Trinity Road

Melodic/Progressive/Power Metal

Perhaps the most obvious observation to make about All Seeing Eyes' debut album Trinity Road is that it's really, really long. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. All ... [ Read More ]

Neonfly - Strangers In Paradise CD Album Review

Neonfly: Strangers In Paradise

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

On the strength of a well-received debut album and successful tours with Magnum and Dragonforce, among others, Neonfly's experience and exposure has been elevated ... [ Read More ]

Maverick - Quid Pro Quo CD Album Review

Maverick: Quid Pro Quo

Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Naming your band Maverick would suggest certain connotations: the lone dissenter, a rebellious spirit, or an iconoclastic nonconformist. Perhaps, put into ... [ Read More ]

Harmony - Theatre of Redemption CD Album Review

Harmony: Theatre of Redemption

Melodic Heavy Metal

Through the trials and tribulations of absence and line up changes, Sweden's Harmony has finally emerged with their third album, Theatre of Redemption ... [ Read More ]

Empire 21 2014 Debut CD Album Review

Empire 21: Empire 21

Melodic Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Empire 21 is a new Swedish act featuring some native heavyweights in the hard rock and heavy metal venue, including CJ Grimmark (Rob Rock, Narnia ... [ Read More ]

Firewolfe - We Rule The Night CD Album Review

Firewolfe: We Rule The Night

Melodic Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Following a successful debut album, American band Firewolfe returns with their second effort, We Rule The Night. A few things have changed including some slight ... [ Read More ]

Black Fate - Between Vision & Lies CD Album Review

Black Fate: Between Vision & Lies

Progressive Power Metal

Having existed in some shape or form since 1990, Greece's Black Fate is another band that has been seeking consistency and stability in their career for better than ... [ Read More ]

Axenstar - Where Dreams Are Forgotten CD Album Review

Axenstar: Where Dreams Are Forgotten

Power Metal

Axenstar, from Sweden, is another band from which many observations can be made. For instance, if there was a heavy metal dictionary, and you looked up Scandi ... [ Read More ]

Amadeus Awad's Eon - The Book of Gates CD Album Review

Amadeus Awad's Eon: The Book of Gates

Progressive Metal

If you've never heard of Amadeus Awad, I'm not surprised. The Lebanese guitarist and composer, while mostly recognized in the Middle East and Europe, has basically ... [ Read More ]

United Progressive Fraternity - Fall In Love With The World CD Album Review

United Progressive Fraternity: Fall In Love ...

Melodic Progressive Rock

A few years back Australian band Unitopia called it quits, with members seeking to investigate new and different projects. One of those projects is United Progressive ... [ Read More ]

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Click to read the Ten - Albion CD album review

Ten offers their eleventh album, Albion, in their near twenty year existence. Vocalist and songwriter Gary Hughes and his band of English merry men never seem to disappoint, delivering another album of classic AOR melodic hard rock. You won't ... [ Read More ]

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