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New Music Reviews
The Anagram Principle - Inventor CD Album Review

The Anagram Principle: Inventor

(Progressive) Electronic Rock

The Anagram Prinicple is the colaboration of two Pittsburgh musicians, Tedd Arnold and Bob Neft. Both men have skilled talent, and much experience in the larger ... [ Read More ]

Defyance - Reincarnation CD Album Review

Defyance: Reincarnation

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

The history of Defyance goes back better than 25 years, a bunch of Iowa youngsters forming a hard rock and heavy metal band back in 1989. Though having released ... [ Read More ]

Dead Earth Politics - Men Become Gods CD Album Review

Dead Earth Politics: Men Become Gods (EP)

Modern Heavy Metal

I'll admit it. I only took interest in Dead Earth Politics for three reason. I liked the name; it sounds awesome, but doesn't need to mean diddly-squat. It just rolls nicely ... [ Read More ]

The Kahless Clone - An Endless Loop CD Album Review

The Kahless Clone: An Endless Loop

Instrumental Rock/Metal

Let's start with some simple facts. The Kahless Clone, named from the Star Trek Klingon, is the side project of Novembers Doom guitaris Vito Marchese. The four songs ... [ Read More ]

Hammer King - Kingdom of the Hammer King CD Album Review

Hammer King: Kingdom of the Hammer King

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Power metal: it's the heavy metal genre that will not lay down and die anytime soon, despite it's ongoing and immense cloud of detractors. So check your Manowar, Blind ... [ Read More ]

Elderoth - Mystic CD Album Review

Elderoth: Mystic

Progressive Power Metal

The band Elderoth is essentially founder, guitarist, and composer Collin McGee who is some what of a musical prodigy having self-taught his skills. Mystic is his ... [ Read More ]

Left For Red - All Things Known and Buried CD Album Review

Left For Red: All Things Known and Buried

Modern Heavy Metal

Rumbling out of the UK Midlands, home of Sabbath, Priest, and Napalm Death, comes Left For Red with the first long-player, All Things Known and Buried, after two ... [ Read More ]

Kamelot - Haven CD Album Review

Kamelot: Haven

Progressive Power Metal

There have been few metal bands as constant and consistent as Kamelot. In existence for nearly 25 years, they have delivered eleven studio albums, the latest ... [ Read More ]

Pretty Boy Floyd - Kiss of Death A Tribute to Kiss CD Album Review

Pretty Boy Floyd: Kiss of Death - Tribute to KISS

Melodic Hard Rock

Pretty Boy Floyd doesn't know how appropriate the title is for their KISS tribute album: Kiss of Death. It speaks volumes to Steve Summers' vain attempt to glorify ... [ Read More ]

Milan Polak - Scarred To Perfection CD Album Review

Milan Polak: Scarred To Perfection

AOR/Melodic Hard Rock

Beginning as an internationally recognized guitar player, Milan Polak, over the last several years, has become equally recognized as a good songwriter and ... [ Read More ]

Days Of Jupiter - Only Ashes Remain CD Album Review

Days Of Jupiter: Only Ashes Remain

Modern Hard Rock/Metal

Days Of Jupiter hail from Sweden, but they sure sound a lot like an American band. They return this month with their second long-player, Only Ashes Remain ... [ Read More ]

Blackwelder - Survival of the Fittest CD Album Review

Blackwelder: Survival of the Fittest

Heavy/Power Metal

To be honest, up until this album from Blackwelder, I have never heard of guitarist Andrew Szucs nor his previous band Seven Seraphim. The band cut one album ... [ Read More ]

Points North 2015 Self-titled CD Album Review

Points North: Points North

(Instrumental) Progressive Hard Rock

If it was good the first time, then just repeat it. Power trio Points North returns with their eponymous second album, another platter of largely instrumental, guitar ... [ Read More ]

Native Construct - Quiet World EP CD Album Review

Native Construct: Quiet World

Progressive Metal

The beginnings of Native Construct and their debut album, Quiet World, go back to 2011 at the Berklee College of Music. The trio of musicians, Myles Yang ... [ Read More ]

Lawless Hearts - Creatures of Habit EP CD Album Review

Lawless: Hearts Creatures of Habit EP

Melodic Hard Rock

Because of the familial relationships within the band and their sound, the comparisons are inevitable. Florida's Lawless Hearts is formed around brother sister duo ... [ Read More ]

Artizan - The Furthest Reaches CD Album Review

Artizan: The Furthest Reaches

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Some bands are just destined to out do themselves, to continue to challenge themselves and aspire to greatness. Florida's Artizan is one of those bands, and ... [ Read More ]

Nomans Land - Last Crusade CD Album Review

Nomans Land: Last Crusade

Heavy/Power Metal

I'm wondering why I bothered to download this promotional package for review. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Nomans Land is a Russian band, formed nearly ... [ Read More ]

Album of the Week
Click to read the Artizan - The Furthest Reaches album review

Some bands are just destined to out do themselves, to continue to challenge themselves and aspire to greatness. Florida's Artizan is one of those bands, and The Furthest Reaches, their third album, bears witness ... [ Read More ]

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