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Vanexa Too Heavy To Fly CD Album Review

Vanexa: Too Heavy To Fly

Traditional Melodic Heavy Metal

If you know your heavy metal history, then you understand how much the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWoBHM) influenced the genre. It was a huge ... [ Read More ]

Hunted Fallen Angel (The Collection) CD Album Review

Hunted: Fallen Angel (The Collection)

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

What's that old adage? Wrong place, wrong time. For England's Hunted, you might want to subsitute wrong music for wrong place. It's a sad tale told too many times ... [ Read More ]

Steve Overland Contagious CD Album Review

Steve Overland: Contagious

Melodic Hard Rock / AOR

Steve Overland, with little doubt, is both an institution and icon in the realm of British AOR melodic hard rock. From beginnings with his brother Chris in Wildfire ... [ Read More ]

Steel Inferno Aesthetics Of Decay CD Album Review

Steel Inferno: Aesthetics Of Decay

Heavy/Speed/Thrash Metal

Here's Steel Inferno, a new band with a female lead vocalist rising out of Copenhagen with a multinational cast from France, Poland and Denmark. In 2014, they cut a demo ... [ Read More ]

The Bad Flowers Self-titled EP CD Album Review

The Bad Flowers: The Bad Flowers EP

Melodic Hard/Heavy Rock

The great thing about the English is that they never forget their roots, and that goes for rock music. Trends and fads may come and go, but our British friends continue ... [ Read More ]

Lady Beast Metal Immortal EP CD Album Review

Lady Beast: Metal Immortal EP

Traditional Heavy Metal

Once more we welcome back Pittsburgh traditional metallers, the female-fronted Lady Beast, delivering a simple four song EP, Metal Immortal. There's some promise of ... [ Read More ]

Nth Ascension In Fine Initium CD Album Review

Nth Ascension: In Fine Initium

Melodic Progressive Rock

Nth Ascension hails from the UK and returns with their second album, In Fine Initium (literally, In the beginning of the end), on the US label Melodic Revolution Records ... [ Read More ]

Axxion Back In Time CD Album Review

Axxion: Back In Time

Heavy/Speed Metal

I'm sure a host of reviewers will be saying the same thing of Axxion's second album. Back In Time is very apropos to the band's chosen style. They play old school and ... [ Read More ] - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft
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Click to read the Vanexa - Too Heavy To Fly CD album review

If you know your heavy metal history, then you understand how much the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWoBHM) influenced the genre. It was a huge paradigm shift that rippled like waves across the world. Any country that enjoyed heavy rock and metal that was affected ... [ Read More ]

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One Year Ago
Click to read the Voodoo Hill - Waterfall CD album review

You know they're out there. Traditional heavy metal bands from within America. Lurking about in the deep forests of the underground metal scene. You just have to find them because you sure as spit aren't going to get any help from the mainstream American music industry. Thankfully ... [ Read More ]