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About Dangerdog Reviews

Created in the fall of 2006 by Craig Hartranft, super-genius, Dangerdog Music Reviews offers reviews of melodic heavy metal and hard rock, progressive metal, progressive rock, AOL and their various sub-genres. The key word is 'melodic.' If you're interested in music with hardcore, death, or black metal vocals or tones, you've come to the wrong place.

The heavy metal and melodic hard rock genre can be difficult to define with no one artist wishing to be pigeon-holed or misrepresented. With that caveat, Dangerdog Music Reviews will review albums from the following categories:

  • Melodic Hard/Heavy Rock
  • Melodic Psychedelic/Space Rock Rock
  • Progressive Rock
  • Melodic Alt/Indie Rock
  • Blues Rock
  • Glam/Sleaze Rock/Metal
  • Album Oriented Rock (AOR)
  • Traditional/Melodic Heavy Metal
  • Power Metal
  • Progressive Metal
  • Symphonic Metal
Dangerdog Music Reviews will NOT review:
  • UPDATE: as of AUGUST 1, 2015, INSTRUMENTAL ALBUMS WILL NOT BE REVIEWED (Exceptions may be made for artists who have been reviewed in the past.)
  • Anything that has 'core' in its description
  • Anything with death/dirty/black/hardcore vocals
  • Ambient/Electronic/Industrial Rock/Metal
  • Hip Hop/Rap (Totally sucks)
  • Dance/Club/Trance Music
  • Country/Bluegrass Music
  • Nu/Rap Metal
  • Black/Death Metal
  • Anything that promotes hatred or violence against Christianity.

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Dangerdog Rating System

5.0 Terrific

4.5 Great

4.0 Very Good

3.5 Above Average

3.0 Average

2.5 Below Average

2.0 Questionable

1.5 You've Been Warned

1.0 Totally Sucks Ass (aka The Chad Frey Award)


Dangerdog crew

Craig Hartranft, Founder, Managing Editor, Web Master

Craig Hartranft Craig is the husband of Debi and father of Ethan Hartranft, his favorite son. He founded Dangerdog Music Reviews in November 2006, but his love for melodic hard rock and metal dates back the late 60's and early 70's, and also includes classic Motown and Philadelphia blue-eyed soul. Craig loves and reviews melodic heavy metal, melodic hard rock, progressive rock and metal and much more. In the picture with Craig: Lily, the little black Dangerdog.

The Most Honorable Former Staff

  • Miguel Blardony Miranda (Philippines), Reviewer
  • Tim Carroll (USA), Reviewer
  • Ethan Hartranft (USA), Reviewer
  • Kees Jan Stel (Holland), Reviewer

Reviewers Wanted

Like melodic rock and heavy metal? Do have you have a strong knowledge of genres, bands and history? Do like to write? Do you understand the English language and basic grammar? Do you believe non-fiction writing can and should be creative and engaging? If so, then Dangerdog Music Review is looking for you. Currently, Dangerdog is looking for reviewers of modern alternative rock/metal bands. If you'd like to write for DMR, then send an inquiry to Craig Hartranft, Manageing Editor [craig [at]] with a brief 'curriculum vitae' of your skills and experience. Read the Writer's Guidelines (MS Word document).


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Labels and Music Promotion Agencies who submit to Dangerdog Music Reviews:

  • 7Hard Records (Germany)
  • AFM Records (Germany)
  • Avenue of Allies Records (Germany)
  • Candlelight Records(USA)
  • Century Media (Germany/USA)
  • Connecting Music PR (Germany)
  • Dustin Hardman PR (USA)
  • Earsplit PR (USA)
  • Escape Music (England)
  • Freeman, Jon Promotions (USA)
  • Frontiers (Italy)
  • Glass Onion PR (USA)
  • GMR Music Group (Germany)
  • Inferno Records (France)
  • InsideOut Music (Germany)
  • Lion Music (Finland)
  • Limited Access Records (USA)
  • Liligren Records (Sweden)
  • Lori Hehr PR (USA)
  • Metal Revelation PR (Netherlands)
  • Napalm Records (Austria)
  • Nightmare Records (USA)
  • Nuclear Blast ( Germany/USA)
  • Perris Records (USA)
  • Pervade/Epiphoria Productions (Europe)
  • Pitch Black Records (Cyprus)
  • ProgRock Records (USA)
  • Pure Steel Records (Germany)
  • Pure Rock Records (Germany)
  • Rainmaker Promotions (USA)
  • Restricted Release PR (USA)
  • Retroactive Records (USA)
  • Ripple Music (USA)
  • Rock n Growl PR (EU)
  • Scarlet Records (Italy)
  • Shadow Kingdom Records (USA)
  • Spider Rock PR (Italy)
  • SPV/Steamhammer (Germany)
  • Sound Pollution Media (Sweden)
  • Street Symphonies (Italy)
  • TSM Promotions (England)
  • Ulterium Records (Sweden)
  • and many more