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Warrior Soul: Rock N Roll Disease
Warrior Soul - Rock N Roll Disease Music Review

Warrior Soul: Rock N Roll Disease

Hard Rock

Kory Clarke and Warrior Soul return once again to stick it to the man and the world in general by means of a bony middle finger and a new album, Rock N Roll Disease. Suffice to say if you liked 2017's Back On The Lash, you will enjoy this album.

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Warrior Soul

But to expand on that some more, Rock N Roll Disease offers more of Warrior Soul's punk energized, riff roaring, hard rock, made complete with Clarke's raw, spitting thumbtacks, vocal style. And his lyrical themes of hedonism and anti-establishment anarchy.

Rock N Roll Disease is a short album, eight songs over 31 minutes, but the short songs blister with sharp riffs, quick pacing, and bristling guitar solos. Huge kudos must go to the rhythm section as the bass and drums offer impressive beat and groove. All that's to say, if you can forbear Clarke's gruff vocals, Warrior Soul can rock with the best.

Some of the best rock songs here are Up The Dose, Off My Face, and the short and fast, After The Show. With Rock On you get some hard and heavy rock twisted with some mighty rhythm and groove. On the other hand, Clarke is at his gravel throated worst, making you wonder if he can even sing at all. But it's all a day's work in the studio for Kory Clarke and Warrior Soul. If you like your hard rock riff roaring, fast paced, and gritty, you will enjoy Warrior Soul's Rock N Roll Disease.

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The Bottom Line

If you like your hard rock riff roaring, fast paced, and gritty, you will enjoy Warrior Soul's Rock N Roll Disease.

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