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Impera: Pieces Of Eden
Impera Pieces Of Eden Album CD Review

Impera: Pieces Of Eden

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

Considering the talent and collective musical experiences of the players that are Impera, you might want to throw around words like 'super group' to describe the band. Led by founder and drummer J. K. Impera, he returns with the original line up of Matti Alfonzetti (v), Tommy Denander (g), and Mats Vassfjord (b) for the second effort Pieces Of Eden.

Impera Pieces Of Eden Band Photo

Impera: from last year's photo shoot.

Additionally, with the caliber of this talent, some fans will have some expectation of something on the level of musical genius. As said in the review of last year's Legacy Of Life, one certainly cannot quibble about Impera's musicianship. For instance, guitarist Tommy Denander can deliver more rousing riffs and rip off more great leads in one album, than most players can do in a lifetime. These guys are good. Nuff said.

However, Pieces Of Eden strays little from last year's model, sticking with edgier melodic hard rock, with maybe a twist. My reaction, after several listens, drifted to towards indifference to the music. After the rousing, quite catchy and melodic, Beast Within, I felt Impera dropped the ball. These Chains had a nice hook in the chorus, but after the liveliness of the previous song it simply slumped. As did the next All Alone. The aforementioned twist comes with Smalltown Blue and Since You've Been Gone, both of which turn on an assertive blues groove. (Denander knows, like every good guitarist should, that you can't play rock n roll without being able to play the blues.)

So there I've named my three favorite songs on this album. As for what plays out to the end, while neither dismissing the talent of the players or the skillful arrangements, I can't say anything else really resonated with me. It's more of Impera's heavier edgier melodic hard rock. Just push 'repeat'. Perhaps the best part of any song was waiting for and hearing Denander deliver the goods. Nonetheless, for those who liked Impera's previous album, I believe they will enjoy this one as well.

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In Short

With the exception of two songs with a blues groove, Pieces Of Eden is more of Impera's heavier, edgier, melodic hard rock, delivered by a band overflowing with talent.

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