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Damnation Angels: Bringer of Light
Damnation Angels Bringer of Light Review

Damnation Angels: Bringer of Light

Symphonic/Power Metal

After creating a stir and garnering some success with their 2009 EP Shadow Symphony, UK's Damnation Angels deliver their first full-length album, Bringer of Light. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Technically, Bringer of Light is not new; it's nearly a year old having been released in Japan in March 2012. Now, thanks to signing to Massacre Records, the disc is getting wider distribution.

Damnation Angels Band Photo

Damnation Angels:: what's up there?

And it should. Bringer of Light is a grand and entertaining album of symphonic power metal. The orchestration nears film score size. The melodic power metal is wrapped in its lush grandeur and blisters along with soaring vocals, provided by Norwegian singer Per Fredrik 'Pellek' Asly, classic piano textures and majestic guitar solos.

It's large, lush, and magnificent material. Peers like Blind Guardian, Sammet's Avantasia, Rhapsody of Fire or Arjen Anthony Lucassen may have to duck and cover as Damnation Angels delivers with all the same epic power. Of course, that epic quality comes in the larger longer pieces like The Longest Day of My Life and Pride The Warriors Way. But shorter songs like Reborn or the quite classy and accessible Someone Else are no less majestic. The curious piece is Damnation Angels' cover of Metallica's No Leaf Clover; it's not the greatest interpretation. However, since it appeared on Metallica's symphonic album S&M, it fits for them. Overall, Bringer of Light is terrific, and easily recommended.

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In Short

Damnation Angels' Bringer of Light is a grand and entertaining album of symphonic power metal, sufficiently bombastic and certainly over-the-top.

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