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Power Quest: Blood Alliance
Power Quest Blood Alliance album new music review

Power Quest: Blood Alliance

Melodic/Power Metal

After another three year recording absence, Power Quest return with Blood Alliance and, excepting founding member Steve Williams, a whole new crew for this album. Perhaps the most notable new addition is that of journeyman vocalist Chitral "Chity" Somapala (Firewind, Civilization One, Red Circuit, et al).

While Power Quest has never lacked for promise or talent, consistency or ingenuity has never been their stronger points. Early albums were warmed over editions of common European power metal. Then with 2008's Master of Illusion, Power Quest struck a more melodic metal chord, toning down the power metal. It was an unexpected, but fine change.

Those changes have taken hold on Blood Alliance, but look for the power metal also. For instance, skipping the throw away intro, Rising Anew, and the later Crunching the Numbers, are charging melodic power metal in it's purest form. However, Sacrifice is direct melodic metal with a strong groove buffeted by an infectious melody and sealed with dynamic solos and a rich harmonious vocal arrangement. If it were not for the overall 'metal' nature of Blood Alliance, this song might be considered heavier melodic hard rock. Nevertheless, Better Days may convince you of that last observation as it sounds like pure arena-ready melodic hard rock.

Not lacking for bombastic, Survive gallops along by merging the both the power and melodic sides of metal. At the end, Only in My Dreams, Blood Alliance, and City of Lies lean towards the epic melodic metal side with enough power nuances to convince even the most jaded fan. Reserving my favorite song for last, Power Quest succeeds when they take the best elements of melodic power metal and then offer both the intensity and accessibility as they do on the amazing Glorious. More of this please: tasty stuff.

Ultimately, Blood Alliance turns on the most important factor: heavy metal powered by melody. In this case, Power Quest succeeds against the modern trends of harshness and hardcore. Solid stuff and well recommended! - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

Three years and a huge personnel change, Power Quest returns with Blood Alliance, proving once again that they can do better than common European power metal.

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