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Turkish Delight: Volume One
Turkish Delight Volume One Album Art

Turkish Delight: Volume One

AOR Melodic Hard Rock

Turkish Delight? What is it? Who is it? Yes, it is a food, a confectionary, also known by its Turkish name, Lokum. Ergo, the squares on the cover of this album and the artists participant's photo below. But more specifically, in a delightful play on words, Turkish Delight, refers to Escape Music founder Khalil Turk and his 30+ year love of AOR melodic rock. Concerning Khalil's historic fondness for the genre, former Kerrang! writer David Reynolds shares this personal anecdotal story :

I lost count of the number of phone calls he made to me when I was working for ‘Kerrang!' magazine, where he would excitedly tell me "Dave, you just have to listen to this! It's brilliant! You'll love it!" ... Nine and a half times out of ten he'd be right!

Collage Of Artists Click For Larger Image

Collage Of Artists

Turk and his label are well-known in both the music industry and genre (perhaps more so across the pond in the European theater). Escape released their first AOR album in 1995, Heartland's III. Since then Turk has not looked back. Currently, Escape Music drops an album nearly every month. Often these releases are new recordings of well-known AOR artists. Sometimes they are remastered recordings or unearthed unpublished tapes from older bands. Either way, Turk keeps the banner of AOR melodic rock flying. This also means Khalil has made a great many friends and fans within the genre.

Which leads us to Turkish Delight, Volume One, a celebration of one man's love of AOR melodic rock and the label he established to keep the genre at the forefront of an otherwise fickle music industry and audience. Turkish Delight consists of 14 songs crafted and recorded over the last two years or so. Under the watchful eye, and experienced ear, of Turk himself, an extraordinary cadre of artists created these songs. To list these contributors would make this review too long (and you're probably already tiring of my verbosity). You may view a list of song writers and musicians for each song with this PDF document. The register of musical talent is astonishing and prolific.

Bear with me for a few comments about the songs. First, every song displays the enormous skills of the participants: song writing and musicianship is at a premium. In other words, every song is terrific. Here's a short roll call. For straight ahead AOR rockers, you'll find Bad Enough, Live Again, or Take It Away. With the appropriately titled Hangman's Blues you'll hear some subtle blues groove provided by Lee Small, Joel Hoekstra, and Tommy Denander. Something more akin to Westcoast AOR comes with Believe and perhaps Belly Of The Beast, which also passes for a ballad. Things tone done down with slow groove of Bad To Good driven by Steve Overland's soulful voice, yet made spirited by a Denander frisky solo.

All said, Escape Music and Khalil Turk's Turkish Delight, Volume One is a collection of well-crafted and entertaining AOR melodic rock, celebrating Turk's long time love for the genre and the promotion of the same through his Escape Music label. Easily and quite recommended.

Note: There will be plenty of CDs but only 500 Vinyl Limited Edition copies available. Buy now or hope for a second pressing.

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The Take Away

All said, Khalil Turk's Turkish Delight, Volume One is a collection of well-crafted and entertaining AOR melodic rock, celebrating Turk's long time love for the genre and the promotion of the same through his Escape Music label.

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