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The Amorettes: Born To Break
The Amorettes - Born To Break Music Review

The Amorettes: Born To Break

Hard Rock

The gender barrier in rock music was broken decades ago. Following in the tradition and inspiration of bands such as The Runaways, Girlschool, and The Donnas is Scotland's power trio The Amorettes. They've been charging through the UK and European theater with their high energy hard rock n roll since 2009. Sometimes affectionately referred to as the "female Motorhead," the band returns with their fourth album Born To Break, now signed to Germany's SPV Steamhammer label.

The Amorettes Band Photo

The Amorettes

Born To Break is pretty much a hard rock scorcher from start to finish. Where to begin? Perhaps with engine of the band, the rhythm section of sisters Hannah and Heather McKay, drums and bass respectively. They lay down a big beat and powerful groove which forces you to bang your head, pump your fist, and tap your toe, all at the same time. (Don't kick my ass, but I would even suggest there's enough sweet rhythm to make some songs danceable.) Over this energy, vocalist Gill Montgomery delivers a bevy of sharp riffs and blistering solos. Her riffs are rhythmic, and help carry the melody and groove. She's no slouch on the fret board either: her solos are spry and visceral. And Ms Montgomery can belt out the vocals, having the gift of both passion and strength in her delivery.

But the songs sell both the band and the album. If you can't catch the raw enthusiasm and anxious excitement, you're too old to rock n roll. Every song is pretty killer, but I found my favorites be the ones where bass and drums open the song, like Hell Or High Water, Easy Tiger, High On Your Energy, and I Want It Bad. That last song is interesting in the fact that it's a slow moving and grooving number in contrast to much of the rest of the album. Another terrific song is Hello And Goodbye where Montgomery gets something of a blues groove going in both her for voice and guitar lines. All said, The Amorettes' Born To Break is another terrific album of the band's signature high energy hard rock. Get it. Easily recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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The Bottom Line

All said, The Amorettes' Born To Break is another terrific album of the band's signature high energy hard rock. Get it. Easily recommended.

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