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We Are Legend: Rise of the Legend
We Are Legend Rise of the Legend Album CD Review

We Are Legend: Rise of the Legend

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

On the strength of their self-titled EP, good reviews, and several first place finishes at last year's German Rock and Pop Awards, We Are Legend returns to remind you of their legendary status and regale you with more power metal on Rise of the Legend, now signed to the Pure Steel Records label.

We Are Legend Band Photo

We Are Legend: so they say.

First it should be noted that of the nine songs here, three are from the EP including Enemy Within, This Holy Dark, and God Is Dreaming. Enemy Within solid, hard charging, power metal. This Holy Dark displays how WAL adds classical piano to give their metal some depth if not surprises. It also has the brief cool Queen-like choral harmony towards the end. God Is Dreaming has a nice rock groove brought out by the bass and drums, and a very catchy chorus that rises in the latter half of the song.

The remaining six songs are all new creations. Here's a few brief comments on them. Hungry Mirrors starts on a lighter note with a lace of that classical piano, only to developing into galloping power metal. Birth of a Legend is mere a instrumental symphonic introduction to the title cut. Rise of the Legend moderates between steady and speedy tempos, offer some more of those interesting choral harmonies in the first half, and light piano line returns in the second half. Strangely, there is not a single guitar solo. Out!, Only Time Can Tell, and March of the Living only confirm We Are Legend's musical style: a mixture of heavy and power metal with variations of piano lines from modest to substantial in each one. Of the three, Only Out! has a guitar solo. This factor is probably the biggest disappoint about Rise of the Legend, simply because, where they do occur, guitar solos are solid and vibrant. Otherwise, if you liked the last year's EP you'll like Rise of the Legend. But whether We Are Legend deserve legendary heavy metal status is yet to be seen.

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In Short

If you liked the last year's EP, you'll like Rise of the Legend as similar in style. But whether We Are Legend deserve legendary heavy metal status is yet to be seen.

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