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Love Crushed Velvet: Revolution Time EP
Love Crushed Velvet - Revolution Time EP Album CD Review

Love Crushed Velvet: Revolution Time EP

Melodic Rock

Love Crushed Velvet is principally New York singer and songwriter A.L.X. He returns with a second release, the short six song EP Revolution Time. Like the self-titled debut a few years ago, A.L.X. and Love Crushed Velvet deliver some retro, near power pop, melodic rock.

Love Crushed Velvet Revolution Time EP Band Photo

Love Crushed Velvet: vocalist A.L.X. flying solo.

Since Love Crushed Velvet is A.L.X.'s show, you can expect his vocals to be at the forefront through out. He's got a good voice almost syrup sweet with a delivery that sways between repose and anxiousness.

The music turns on crisp and catchy melodic rock reminiscent of Eighties New Wave without over indulging in synthesizers. A.L.X. loads up every song with hooks in lyrical phrasing and musical arrangement, notable on Bye Bye Baby and Revolution Time. They are likely best songs here. The latter finds A.L.X. getting political with its references to the Benghazi and Libyan revolution. It's also the closest thing to straight up rock. The rest of EP finds him exploring the usual suspects from the last album: love, life, women, and the juxtaposition, or collision, of these worlds. It' s all wrapped up in his poppy rock and delivered with equally smooth vocal style. I still think the best songs are the aforementioned first two, and maybe the fifth, Lover Leave the Light On. As much as I like about a third of the album, if you liked A.L.X.'s previous Love Crushed Velvet work, you'll like this one too. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

Singer songwriter A.L.X. returns with an EP of his catchy retro, near power pop, melodic rock.

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