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Zodiac n Black: The Aftermyth
Zodiac n Black The Aftermyth Review

Zodiac n Black: The Aftermyth

Heavy Rock

At the intersection of heavy rock past and present, you'll find England's Zodiac n Black and their debut album, The Aftermyth. Here's a blend of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath from decades ago with the more recent signature of Queens of the Stone Age. It's some stoner, some psychedelic, some blues, but mostly heavy rock.

Zodiac n Black Band Photo

Zodiac n Black: crankin' out their greatest hits.

And this heavy rock will likely explode your speakers, more precisely your woofers, if you don't manage the volume. (If I played The Aftermyth in my car the already wounded right rear speaker would surely be destroyed.) At times The Aftermyth comes at you like a herd of charging buffalo being driven by a Kansas tornado.

But only being heavy doesn't make a classic hard rock band, especially one that wants to echo heroes past. So ZnB can be clever, catchy, and necessarily melodic on a the rocker Bastinado, the expansive A Necessary Evil, or the subtle and deft The Joke Is On Us. The signature cut here may be the closer, Lights On Blues, which is simply devastating in it's heavy character. But it also shows ZnB's skill at revisiting their influences and putting them a modern context.

With so many modern bands trying to repeat a formula only month old, it's great to hear some young talent get the essence of classic heavy rock. Zodiac n Black gets it, and does it well. Recommended.

In Short

On The Aftermyth, Zodiac n Black offers some straight up heavy rock, with tons of attitude and accessibility.

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