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Wizard: Thor

Wizard: Thor

Heavy/Power/Speed Metal
Rating: 4.0/5.0

Germany's Wizard may not be on the lips of most metal fans, but they are certainly one of the most consistent sources of great melodic power/thrash metal worldwide. Unfortunately, they have been compared to and overshadowed by progenitors and peers, Manowar. Wizard, unlike Manowar of late, is more likely to be better keepers of the metal faith. They're faster, heavier and don't need dumb ass spoken segues or leather loin skins to be both brilliant and epic. Indeed, Thor is probably Wizard's most aggressive and grand effort to date.

The strength of Thor is the fundamental foundation of traditional melodic heavy metal which is woven into every song. From here Wizard turns the knobs to eleven and delivers bombastic and quite heavy power metal tempered with classic thrash. The enthusiastic opener 'Utgard (False Games)' sets the stage and the pace. Later, songs like 'Resurrection' and 'What Would You Do' display Wizard's simple formula of battering you into metal submission with a rapid pace of strong riffs and lightning fret work. The real kicker may be the enormously immense and heavy 'Stolen Hammer' which has an unstoppable stride from the opening chords.

It's quite likely that most will dismiss Wizard's Thor as typical European power metal excess. But they would be missing the point. This isn't excess, but rather the strength and passion of classic heavy metal whose roots go deeper than the age of their modern peers or critics. Solid stuff!

In Short

On Thor, Germany's Wizard comes thundering back with their heaviest work to date and, quite likely, their best. The pace equals the Autobahn while the riffs and arrangements are grand and speaker-blowing. Prepare to be pummeled into submission.

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