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Dreamside, The: Lunar Nature
The Dreamside Lunar Nature new music review

Dreamside, The: Lunar Nature

Gothic Rock/Metal
Rating: 3.5/5.0

Dropping another female fronted band in my review box is, at best, a way to trouble my musical reason or, at worst, usher me into despondency. Pardon my apprehensions at the start, but female fronted rock/metal bands have been a dime-a-dozen, and as ubiquitous as metalcore bands, in the last five to ten years. For me to consider the merits of another one against current trends stretches the flexibility of my credulity. After listening to The Dreamside's Lunar Nature, I'm not sure my feelings or skepticism have been appeased.

Formed nearly 15 years ago by Italian-Dutch singer Kemi Vita, The Dreamside returns on the Lion Music label with Lunar Nature, their first disc of new music after a five year absence. This work is long on Ms. Vita's beautiful and clear voice. Actually, it's her vocal performance that transcends everything on the album making it a more persuaive listen.

Musically, Lunar Nature moves from mild melodic metal to pop-informed industrial washings (without the dark atmosphere) to some peculiar (and at times clever) prog-like, goth-styled hard rock. In essence, what this means is that The Dreamside offers a surprising mixture of musical compositions that won't be found in the latest stuff from After Forever, Stream of Passion, or Lacuna Coil. For representative pieces, listen to Everlasting, Carry On, Serpent's Kiss, and the title track. These two characteristics, Vita's vocals and the varied musical arrangements, will set The Dreamside apart, and that is a very good thing. Still, there is still something within Lunar Nature which smacks of redundancy as if I've heard this all before. In that case, I guess I remain skeptical.

In Short

Female-fronted rock/metal bands are as ubiquitous modern metalcore bands these days. What will set longrunning band The Dreamside apart from the crowd? The strong vocals of Kemi Vita and the quite varied song arrangements atypical of the current fair will.

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