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Mob Rules: Radical Peace
Mob Rules Radical Peace new music review

Mob Rules: Radical Peace

Power Metal
Rating: 4.0/5.0

If you've followed my previous reviews of Mob Rules, then you know that my opinion can vary from praise to ambivalence. Why? Mob Rules is classic European power metal, a persistent and mostly predictable metal genre. My problem is that I'm a sucker for it. I'll snap it up, sometimes unconsciously, and let the chips fall were they may. Mob Rules has that infectious mixture of heavy and melodic metal built upon grand and bombastic arrangements. Radical Peace is all these things and more as Mob Rules also adds the sophistication of thought-provoking themes and lyrics. From the beginning Children of Flames to the ending The Glance of Fame, everything is immense and spectacular: the eighteen minute conspiracy theory speculation of The Oswald File being the apex of Radical Peace. Yet, Mob Rules becomes more accessible on Astral World and the Glance of Fame with a more melodic hard rock sensibility. However, critics who dismiss this genre will probably wave a flippant hand and move on. For others, like myself, who the love the grand (and often over-the-top) dimensions of power metal will simply ignore them and listen on. Recommended.

In Short

Mob Rules, with each new album, are slowly becoming the persistent stalwarts of European power metal. Radical Peace is another entertaining slab of this grand and bombastic genre. Critics are grimacing; fans, like myself, are smiling.

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