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Whitesnake: Good To Be Bad

We got a foretaste of 21st century Whitesnake on 2006's 'Live In Shadow Of The Blues' which gave us, not only a sterling live concert experience, but also four brand new Whitesnake studio recordings. Considering the strength of talent David Coverdale has surrounding him, Doug Aldrich (Dio, Bad Moon Rising) and Reb Beach (Winger, Eric Clapton) on guitar, veteran Tommy Alridge on drums (Black Oak Arkansas and Ozzy circa Randi Rhoads), Uriah Duffy (Pat Travers Band, Christina Aguilera) on bass, and Timothy Drury (Eagles) on keyboards, one can expect and find great musicianship. Those four songs only whetted our appetites making our mouths water and our ears demand more. With 'Good To Be Bad,' we have the promise fulfilled. Longtime Whitesnake happy should be immensely happy and satisfied.

Coverdale and company deliver some the strongest (even hardest) Whitesnake material ever. Make no mistake there is still that groove driven, blues based bottom line coursing (and sometimes surging) through the entire album. The title track 'Good To Be Bad,' exemplifies this Whitesnake sound we know and love. Yet, I'm getting ahead of myself because the album begins with three powerful, fast-moving and intensely guitar driven rockers. Frankly, I was astonished and very pleased. 'All For Love' adds all this and packs that arena rock power we remember in songs like 'Still Of The Night.' Do not doubt: there are some ballads on this work. 'Summer Rain' a not only a traditional rock ballad, but also the longest song on the album. Two things should be noted from this song. First, the guitar is simply brilliant, outstanding and precisely executed. Second, this song displays the age of Mr. Coverdale's voice. Certainly, it is recognizable and passionate, yet it shows some weariness and strain at times. But then you listen to 'Lay Down Your Love' and you wonder if Coverdale wasn't just having a bad recording day on the former song. This is another song that shows Mr. Coverdale and Whitesnake in their glory; this pure Whitesnake music: heavy, melodic, blues rock with some great segues that only lead to some more fine Whitesnake rock and roll. Many have mentioned of Mr. Coverdales love for Led Zeppelin and how that has influenced his music. 'A Fool In Love' definitely has some Zep characteristics.

In a word, Whitesnake has always been the vision of David Coverdale. With 'Good To Be Bad' his vision continues and inspires a legion of fans. Whitesnake has never sounded better. This is a fine work. Welcome to the new millennium, Whitesnake. Highly recommended!
  - Craig Hartranft

In Short

You've waited for the new Whitesnake studio recording ever since you heard those four tracks at the end of 2006's 'Live In The Shadow Of The Blues.' So here it is and you will not be disappointed in the least. This is Whitesnake for a new era. Coverdale and company deliver the goods: powerful, guitar driven, blues based melodic rock. Excellent work!

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