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V-Project: New Machine
Melodic Rock
Rating: 4.0/5.0

V-Project is essentially Boston guitarist David Vaccaro. He may not be a household name to many fans of melodic rock, but Mr. Vaccaro is a seasoned veterans whose roots go deep into the 70's and 80's substance and style. His aptly titleed 'New Machine' draws deep from this rich well of great music bringing forth a sound dripping with blues infected guitar driven melodic rock. Vaccaro is helped on this by veteran vocalist Robin McAuley (MSG, Survivor) and frankly, McAuley has never sounded better.

'New Machine' begins strongs with the bluesy rocker 'Exit Sign,' a song with a good tempo, satisfying fret work, and a great chorus. However, the real meat on the album is in the middle beginning with 'Disclaimer,' a very funny song about cell phones. Great composition and great lyrics make it the best song on the album. 'Time To Move On' is, simply, a solid melodic rock song: no frills, just darn good. 'Desert Run' displays Vaccaro's excellent guitar skills. This song alone is worth the purchase. It easily glides into another strong melodic rocker, 'You Don't Care,' where McAuley shines the brightest. Vaccaro also covers Steve Miller's 'The Stake' and does so quite well. However, not being a Miller fan, I wasn't duly impressed. As for the rest of the songs, they were good but my ears and mind easily tuned them out as they played, leaving me unimpressed.

David Vaccaro's V-Project is a solid example of good songwriting and musicianship producing tried and true melodic rock. Fans of melodic rock should love the 'New Machine' and hopefully we will hear more in the future.   - Craig Hartranft

In Short

V-Project is guitarist David Vaccaro with help from vocalist Robin McAuley (MSG). His 'New Machine' is a rich blend of satisfying melodic rock that draws from a variety of styles: a good effort worth exploring.