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To-Mera: Delusions

If you've heard of To-Mera before reading my review, I give you high marks for keeping up with modern progressive metal. To-Mera was founded by Julie Kiss, after leaving Hungarian progressive metal band Without Face, and Lee Barrett (ex-Extreme Noise Terror, Disgust, Mussolini Headkick). There music is at once progressive, technical, melodic and overall innovative. They include as influences Symphony X, Opeth, Meshuggah, Pain of Salvation, and Dream Theater among many others. When I heard the bands Opeth and particularly Meshuggah, I wondered what I would be in for. Opeth is pretty cool, but Meshuggah is simply a dissonant train wreck with little value. Fortunately, the confused metal of Meshuggah does not figure into To-Mera's arrangements. 'Delusions' is creative and majestic prog metal for a new day. It's challenging, but also very enjoyable and accessible. You can't use those two words to describe Meshuggah. (Please pardon my continued references to them; I think they suck. But my commentary ends here.)

What may give you sonic dissonance is the blend of Ms. Kiss' near goth-like vocals with some creative and intricate progressive metal. Somehow, however, it all fits so well. This is most notable on 'The Glory Of A New Day' which is totally astonishing in scope. Every member plays a part with distinctive character. Especially, note the bass and keyboard work. Another track that satisfies is 'Inside The Hour Glass' which moves quickly but still has some brilliant complexity thanks again to the bass work and the drumming. 'A Sorrow To Kill' has some very impressive guitar work Tom MacLean. But, the highlight is the emotional piano of Hen on keyboards. Hen again delivers on 'Asylum' especially at the intro. From there the whole band explodes into a diverse and pleasing composition. My favorite number is 'Fallen From Grace.' This song embodies the composite talents of To-Mera.' Quiet at times, raw and explosive in other sequences, 'Fallen From Grace both intrigues and mystifies you: a great song.

To-Mera's "Delusions' is refreshingly vibrant and creative progressive metal. It invokes the best of progressive metal history and yet adds new elements. 'Delusions' contains beautiful, compelling and exciting music. This is a strong debut from To-Mera. Very recommended.    - Craig Hartranft

In Short

To-Mera offers progressive metal for a new era. Complex, creative, different, and satisfying, 'Delusions' is enormously provocative and pleasing. The curiously strange mix of near gothic vocals with prog metal will sometimes confuse you; yet it sounds so good, an interesting and innovative mix. To-Mera is definitely work your time.

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