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The Street: The Divine Debauchery
American Melodic Hard Rock
Rating: 4.5/5.0

The Street is a hard rock band hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah. Their philosophy is simple: "If we stay true to writing the music that is within us and moves us, we can move the listener as well." "The Divine Debauchery" is their 6th full-length album so far, featuring strong US-style hard rock songs full of catchy melodies and big choruses but still with loads of heavy riffs and pounding rhythms. Mainly influenced by stadium rock bands like Motley Crue, Metallica, Van Halen, Bon Jovi and other epic rock bands they simply are following their rock roots. The Street easily fulfills their philosophy: this is great American melodic hard rock without the trappings of current trends. They simply rock!

I was completely captivated from the beginning by this great American band. At times I hear GnR at other times, well, they can be indefinable. The Street definitely rocks in their own style and they do not hold back one bit. They move easily between basic melodic hard rock in the beginning to more conventional modern American rock in the middle, particularly on 'Step It Up' and 'Nemesis,' and them move smoothly into classic melodic rock with metal nuances in the end. Great songs include 'Devil's Dilemma,' 'Vendetta's My Name, and 'One Man Battle,' a great acoustic prelude that introduces a sweeping melodic tune of epic proportions that echo the best of Velvet Revolver. B. Arnold is fine and expressive vocalist, full of emotion and intensity. Randy Vaughn and Chris Miller excel on guitar. Another track of superior merit is 'Walls,' the vocals and melody are superb and the guitars shred in electrical brilliance.

The Street certainly does not fall into the boring trends of current American hard rock. Yet when they delve into those current trends, they far exceed their peers. 'Head Or Be Dead' is a perfect example of this: classic blistering metalized rock with tones of modern American rock that far exceeds their contemporaries. This is excellent, hard driving, American melodic rock. 'A Voluntary Loss Of Innocence,' which closes the album, again demonstrates their brilliance.

There's a certain irony that I acquired this release of an American band from an European label. Why? Because The Street is a level beyond current American rock, far beyond a Nickelback for sure. Maybe they will only be appreciated in Europe, and that is freakin' shame. These guys are so very good. Americans, give The Street a listen, you will be overcome and impressed. Highly recommended!
  - Craig Hartranft

In Short

The Street is simply great American melodic rock without the trappings of modern American rock trends. Their style is both classis and fresh. Every song is inspired and full of hard driving rock and roll riffs. This is great stuff!

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