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Tarchon Fist: Tarchon Fist

Without doubt I'm a little confused by the name, where did Tarchon Fist come from? (Possibly from mythology: Tarchon and his brother, Tyrrhenus were culture heroes who founded the Etruscan Federation of twelve cities. Tarchon Fist comes from Bologna, Italy, nearby to the Etruscan Federation). And the cover art for their self-titled debut is truly simplistic and, well, amateurish. Yet, Italy's Tarchon Fist brings great metal: melodic, aggressive and exciting. This is an impressive debut for such a young band. Sure you may say that you have heard this all before. But you can't deny the assertive song arrangements, the strong vocals of Luigi Sangermano, and the enthusiastic musicianship from rest of the band. Italy is best known for their power and progressive metal enterprises which are often either cliche, redundant or, simply, over-the-top. Tarchon Fist does not necessarily fit this description; this is basically straight forward heavy metal with some power metal influences. Actually, it's a surprising and pleasing departure from typical Italian metal. I like it.

I mentioned Luigi Sangermano on vocals; this guy is good: his voice is well suited to metal having great range. On lead guitar is Luciano Tattini and I'm severely impressed by his contribution. However, I'm also wondering how much Lucio 'Junior' Martelli added to the guitar work. Is this a twin guitar attack? Did he contribute to lead guitar work? Because, if he did, this only adds to Tarchon Fist's resume. Whatever the questions, this is great metal! And there are some great tracks on this album including: 'Carved With Fire,' the instrumental 'Doc Hammer,' 'Football Aces,' love lyric and the opening bass work, 'Bad Man Mania, simply great heavy metal, 'Ancient Sign Of The Pirates, wonderful early drum and bass work with a great flowing rhythm throughout, and 'Blessing Rain,' a formidable song with smooth vocals and inspiring guitar work.

Honestly, I like Tarchon Fist. There is talent and creativity in this band. Not many young bands can inspires such a good work. I encourage every metal fan to purchase this album and enjoy. And I hope they continue in this singular and definitive style. These guys are good. Highly recommended!
  - Craig Hartranft

In Short

Tarchon Fist is a new metal band from Italy. Wait! I know what you expect. But this is not the same cliche Italian metal. It's better: this is 'keeping it true' heavy metal. Great vocals, guitars, and arrangements. This is a surprisingly different and satisfying metal. You need to check out Tarchon Fist!

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