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Steel Attack: Carpe DiEnd

There are some who lament the transitions that Steel Attack have gone through. They speak of their early albums which were more traditional 'sword and sorcery and epic fantasy' works. That all changed with 'Diabolic Symphony' where Steel Attack moved more towards heavy metal with emphasis on the 'heavy.' I must admit 'Diabolic Symphony' was different and not exactly the most thrilling album. Their new work, 'Carpe DiEnd,' follows this progression, and so there is little change in the essential substance of the music.

If anything, Steel Attack is doing one thing well here: defining their fundamental style. Otherwise, with exception of several songs, I found this album somewhat mundane. Yet, as alluded to, there some very good songs on this work. Specifically, 'I Keep Falling' is epic in style and atypical of the rest of the music. Much of the same can be said for 'Holy Is Evil,' yet this still direct heavy metal. In these two songs, the vocal arrangements are profound and sweeping. Then there is 'For Whom I Bleed' which ventures into symphonic, yet still, very heavy metal. Another song that follows this theme is 'Entrance To Heaven Denied,' its subtle but lingering keyboard work adds some mystery to the song. And it has one of the best guitar solos on the album. There are other high points on the album and they are usually found in parts of the songs.

If you like your heavy metal a bit dark and foreboding and definitely on the heavy side, then you will enjoy Steel Attack's 'Carpe DiEnd.' If you grow weary of straining and screaming vocals, an often plodding rhythm section or basic metal guitar work, then I suggest you pass on this work. Yet, though I have my reservations, there was enough interesting music on this album to keep me listening. You may have the same experience.
  - Craig Hartranft

In Short

Steel Attack's 'Carpe DiEnd' continues their evolution to traditional heavy metal that began with 'Diabolic Symphony.' Therefore the work is rich in those fundamental elements and my capture your interest. However, some may find the music simply monotonous.

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