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Seventh Wonder: Mercy Falls
Progressive Rock/Metal
Rating: 5.0/5.0

In September 2023, Frontiers Music is reissuing the early back catalog from Sweden's progressive rock/metal band Seventh Wonder. Here's my review of Mercy Falls from 2008 ...

Progressive rock/metal band Seventh Wonder has triumphed again and raised the bar for all modern melodic progressive music with their latest album, 'Mercy Falls.' This work is a concept album that was developed during the later days of recording 2006's 'Waiting In The Wings.' Their promo material describes 'Mercy Falls' as a story 'based on the fate of a small town, a family tragedy and the beast we refer to as human nature.' The story is both grand and tragic. The music is simply some of the most compelling and creative modern progressive rock and metal. Where Presto Ballet stepped back in time to give us brilliant retro prog, Seventh Wonder works their angles and ingenuity in the present. 'Mercy Falls' is nothing less than spectacular.

From beginning to end, every song on 'Mercy Falls' is eloquent in composition and delivery. Seventh Wonder easily blends the complexities of prog with elements of power and traditional metal. They stir in symphonic and acoustic spices to season this musical mix. The story itself evokes emotional reaction as it tell its tragic tale. But it's the music that lifts the feeling of the story to formidable heights. Specifically, Tommy Karevik's vocals alone invoke such passion to make this story compelling. This is immensely evident on 'Break The Silence' and 'One Last Goodbye,' which brought me to tears.

This is an epic album with 15 tracks, but I'll highlight only a few. On 'Welcome To Mercy Falls' you are introduced to the bands talent and Karevik's strong vocals, a compelling piece with some brilliant guitar work. 'Unbreakable' gives the prog a ride on heavier riffs and a faster tempo with a beautiful acoustic guitar and piano interlude about four minutes in. 'Fall In Line' is much like this also, grand and sweeping it matches prog with a power metal coating. By far the most impressive cut on 'Mercy Falls,' besides 'Break The Silence,' is 'Paradise:' a heavier, stronger number with excellent keyboards and guitar. This is simply fantastic progressive metal.

As for the rest of Seventh Wonder's 'Mercy Falls,' you will have to discover yourself. To tell more of the music or the story would be like revealing spoilers for a forthcoming movie. Simply stated, 'Mercy Falls' is nothing short of epic and brilliant progressive rock and metal. Very highly recommended!
   - Craig Hartranft

In Short

Seventh Wonder's 'Mercy Falls' is what progressive rock and metal fans live for: epic and astonishing music with a compelling story. Seventh Wonder has never been more inspired and creative. 'Mercy Falls' is epic and brilliant!

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