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Seventh Avenue: Terium

Seventh Avenue roots date back to 1989 as the band, 'The Preachers.' Things quickly changed and the band became Seventh Avenue. They made a name for themselves playing innovative metal that integrated overtly Christian themes, and this branded them as 'white metal.' I've never liked this label especially if the quality of music equals or transcends their secular peers. Metal allows any band to bring any content to the stage. Why not religious themes? If you can deliver the goods, then it does not matter if you're Christian (or generally religious) or not. Seventh Avenue has always had the skills, talent, song composition and character to create good heavy metal. Their latest release 'Terium,' the first studio album since 2004's 'Eternals,' continues Seventh Avenue's exceptional work. It's a concept album (you can read about the idea at their web site; click the link above) with a sci-fi motif, yet with an allegorical Christian theme.

'Terium' is a long album, 70 minutes or better of music. If you can wade through the story and music, you will not be disappointed in the least. This is Seventh Avenue's finest work to date. It's an epic and profound work. The music can best be described as power metal within a traditional heavy metal context. There are certainly elements of Iron Maiden and the best of their country's peers like Helloween and Gamma Ray. Due to the length of the work, you may be quick to dismiss the music as monotonous. But, I beg you to listen carefully. A song like the title cut 'Terium' brings the best of power metal. 'Authorities' is brilliant in composition blending the aforementioned Iron Maiden qualities with better vocal arrangements and stinging guitars. 'Future's Dawn' is fast and epic heavy metal; the guitars soar and the vocals are simply beautiful. Another great track is 'Two Masters' which returns us to basic power metal; it's vibrant and exciting. In a concept album, one thing that matter is the ability to musically express the pivotal change or apex in the story. I think 'Hands Of The King' is this significant turn: Seventh Avenue brings the beauty of a acoustic motif while, at the same time, delivering a great metal climax. It's the best song on the album at the right time. As we reach the conclusion of the story look to 'Trail Of Blood' and 'Way To The Stars' to satisfy your heavy metal desires.

Seventh Avenue's 'Terium' demonstrates purpose in vision and music; it's a fine album. It's an epic work that obviously required a constant direction arising from a great story and proceeding to a compelling musical composition. If you have never considered Seventh Avenue's metal, now is the time. This is grand stuff. Highly recommended!
  - Craig Hartranft

In Short

Seventh Avenue has been silent since 2004 and more than a bit ignored. 'Terium' should change that and explode preconceptions. This is a phenomenal work of heavy metal. Though some may dismiss this as wistfully too long concept album, I beg to differ. There is much to enjoy and some very great music on 'Terium.' Don't let this one pass you by.

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