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Reinxeed: The Light
Power Metal
Rating: 3.5/5.0

Sweden based metal band Reinxeed play basic power metal, no more and no less. They have all the traditional characteristics of power metal (you know what they are). Unfortunately, Reinxeed offers nothing new to this overwhelmed genre. Well, maybe they offers enthusiasm. But you could say this about any upstart Scandi power metal. Every new band thinks they have something new to bring to the table. In the end, Reinxeed's 'The Light' is standard power metal.

I could cut the review off with the above words, but certain things must be mentioned. First, the mix and overall production of 'The Light' is outstanding. It's clear and consistent. Secondly, throughout the album the keyboards, which are always an important feature of power metal, stand out with tremendous vigor and brilliance. This is especially notable on 'Legacy,' 'The Hall Of Reinxeed,' and 'Shyrheny.' Third and finally, intermittently there is some fine guitar work. Otherwise, 'The Light' is monotonous and average power metal. The vocals are ordinary and predictable; the arrangements, typical of this genre.

Reinxeed's 'The Light' is traditional Scandi (and otherwise) power metal. It's predictable and undistinguishable from the rest of the lot. As for Reinxeed future, they need to find some variant to rise above their peers. Otherwise, they'll slip into power metal oblivion. Although I enjoyed 'The Light,' it did not hold my interest; and this conclusion is from one listener who loves power metal. Listen before you purchase.
- Craig Hartranft

In Short

Sweden's Reinxeed brings standard power metal to you listening ears. Frankly, there's nothing new here. However, the keyboard work is significantly strong as is the fret work on several songs. If you have expectations of innovation, you will not find it on 'The Light.' However, if you are a tried and true power metal believer, you will love Reinxeed's 'The Light.'

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