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Pyramaze: Immortal
Melodic Power/Progressive Metal
Rating: 4.0/5.0

If you loved 2006's 'Legend Of The Bone Carver,' you are going to love Pyramaze's latest work 'Immortal.' It's filled with great power and progressive metal music. There is power, substance and innovation on there third release. Additionally, they have brought in Matt Barlow (Iced Earth) on vocals. His style adds a significant dimension to Pyramaze's already bombastic motif. His vocals range from raw to subtle in this work. He easily fits Pyramaze's brand of metal.

Do no be beguiled by the introduction; it both reveals the depth of vocal arrangements and disguises the breadth of material on 'Immortal.' What follows is solid power metal with major progressive elements. 'Year Of The Phoenix' heralds massive power metal vocals and introduces Barlow's consumate vocals. 'Ghost Light' stuns with its arrangement, solid rhythm work, and brief, yet blistering fret work. Another phenomenal aspect of this work is the great keyboard from Jonah Weingarten. This evident in 'Touched By The Marae in its intro. It is better defined in the wonderful 'Legacy In A Rhyme,' where Mr. Weingarten truly shines. But he is not the only contributor to this fine work. Mr. Barlow succeeds in showing his most emotional side; he is both raw and smooth, strong and convincing. The vocal arrangement is astonishing. The rest of the band supports the effort with resounding conviction. This is a world class metal ballad. Another fantastic song is 'Caramon's Poem.' Indeed, it is power metal, but it is more. It roars from the beginning thanks to a solid rhythm section. But the best stuff is the guitar work that explodes throughout the song. 'Shadow Of The Beast' is simply enormous invoking power and traditional metal. It's strong and substantial thanks again to a sterling effort from the bass and drums. But the guitar work both electric and acoustic will thrill your ears.

Pyrmaze's 'Immortal' is a great work. Matt Barlow on vocals is a perfect fit. He can do it all. But he only does it because he is backed by a great band. Pyrmaze knows their craft and plays it well. This an impressive and exciting album. Very recommended!
  - Craig Hartranft

In Short

Pyramaze returns with an album that is both significant and astonishing. Matt Barlow (Iced Earth) is introduced on vocals and is a perfect fit. However, he is only magnified because the rest of Pyramaze is simply a great metal band. 'Immortal' is accomplished and brilliant metal with both power and progressive elements. 'Immortal' brings a greater level of maturity than most bands in their field.

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