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Michael Bormann: Capture The Moment

Veteran vocalist and musician Michael Bormann (Jaded Heart, Rain, Bonfire, Bloodbound, et al) returns to his melodic hard rock roots with his new solo album 'Capture The Moment.' And this is a very good thing. Honestly, though Bormann sounded great, he was a mismatch for heavy metallers, Bloodbound. On 'Capture The Moment,' he is definitely in his true and most important element. The album is an ambitious work of melodic hard rock with Mr. Bormann demonstrating his versatile vocal skills.

Though Bormann succeeds in his vocal performance, I found the whole album a little choppy throughout. There seemed to be no consistency with varied styles and performances from song to song. In the end nothing really jumped out and grabbed me. I don't want to call this effort mediocre, but, for me, something was missing. Honestly, after about five spins, I still cannot put my finger on it. The album begins and ends on very strong songs, 'When Push Comes To Shove' and 'Go, Going, Gone.' In between, everything's a toss up with exception of several tracks. Namely, it is those tracks that either border on ballad or have a supporting female vocalist. 'I Wanna Hear Your Voice' and 'Love Is Magic' are two of those slower ballads that inspire simply because of Bormann's passionate delivery. 'Glory And Pain' features Sabine Edelsbacher (Edenbridge) on back-up vocals; she is hardly noticeable, but it's still one of the best songs on the album. Sonja Rippelmeier performs with Bormann on 'Don't Bother Me,' where she steals the show on the best song on the entire work.

Without doubt, you can probably tell that I'm only a little ambivalent about Michael Bormann's 'Capture The Moment.' I believe it to be a fine work if only for greatness of Mr. Bormann's vocal abilities.
  - Craig Hartranft

In Short

Vocalist Michael Bormann's third solo effort 'Capture The Moment' clearly demonstrates his superior vocal skills in his best context, melodic hard rock. 'Capture The Moment' is a strong work, yet it took more than a few plays to reach me.

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