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Marcello-Vestry: Self-Titled

Originally intended to be a solo work by guitarist Rob Marcello (Danger Danger), fellow Danger Danger compatriot Bruno Ravel encouraged Marcello to recruit (the not so well known) vocalist Frank Vestry (Devias and Last Temptation) to sing. One listen through will tell you that this was good advice and an excellent match. The partnership was so good that Mr. Marcello changed the work's appellation to 'Marcello-Vestry.' This makes perfect sense because these two musicians work seamlessly together to create great melodic hard rock.

As you listen, if find yourself time warping back to the 80's, don't worry, you're not losing your mind. The soul of this music is firmly based in the day when melody, harmony, catchy choruses and slick guitar work ruled the day. Mr. Vestry has a pure, consistent and strong vocal style more than adequate to the task and genre. Marcello's fret work, though not in the stratosphere of the virtuosos, definitely thrills in his polished technique. Also, don't expect a whole lot of thought-provoking lyrics here; this is basically 'let's have fun and rock' music, good for a party and a road trip.

In light of this, look for great (and fun) rockers like 'Ready Or Not' and 'All I Want To Do Is U,' a simply great and raucous party number. Then there's a song like 'Without You' which has some strange and quirky keyboards at the outset, but grows into a great melodic rock song with wonderful guitar from Mr. Marcello. Ballads are not off the table on this work either. 'What You Mean' is a thorough power ballad, pure and simple. Mr. Vestry nails it completely. For purely shabby lyrics full of innuendo but great music listen for 'Love Injection' and 'Gangster Of Love.' The latter is particularly lyrically bankrupt, yet it has a great hard rock rhythm and, again, excellent vocals from Vestry and licks from Marcello. Hey, it's only rock and roll!

Rob Marcello and Frank Vestry have put together a great album of melodic hard rock on their debut work. I hope this collaboration continues because they have the formula mixed perfectly. 'Marcello-Vestry' is lots of fun and can be easily bought without reservation. Highly recommended.
- Craig Hartranft

In Short

Guitarist Rob Marcello (Danger Danger) and vocalist Frank Vestry bring great melodic hard rock to the table. This is a solid album filled with catchy melodies and solid fret work. Simply, Marcello and Vestry were destined to create this incredibly enjoyable work.

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