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Jorn: Lonely Are The Brave

Jorn: Lonely Are The Brave

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal
Rating: 4.5/5.0

Imagine an intersection where Dio and Whitesnake converge into a collosal collosion. If you can wrap your mind around this, then you have a vision of the new Jorn Lande album, 'Lonely Are The Brave.' This work is an immense work of melodic rock and metal with Jorn's consistent and strong vocals taking hold of the forefront. If you're longing for hard, heavy, but melodic rock and metal, Mr. Lande has your ticket. The intensity is nonstop and blistering.

'Lonely Are The Brave' merges Jorn's raw, but clear vocals with heavy riffs and deliberate melody. The title track and opening number gives you a true sense of what is ahead: no holds barred rock and roll. The whole album rolls along this way much like like 1980's Dio tempered by Coverdale/Whitesnake sophistication. I think, however, the raw heavy metal of Dio easily outweighs the Whitesnake influence. Still, Jorn brings the Whitesnake influence to this album by covering the classic 'Stormbringer.' He turns this melodic rocker into a fast paced, melodic metal number and it's very good.

As for the rest of 'Lonely Are The Brave,' there is much melodic rock and metal to enjoy. 'War Of The World' stuns with its great lyrics, vocal harmonies, and brilliant guitar work. 'Shadow People' just screams with bombastic vocals and guitar riffs. 'Soul Of The World' teases you with soft, almost ballad-like, opening, but only delivers driving heavy metal. Another frightenly fierce number is 'Promises,' where Jorn's vocals easily blend with the stirring riffs. Jorn has never sounded better.

'Lonely Are The Brave' is probably Jorn Lande's heaviest work to date. It's melodic rock and also heavy metal. It roars and rips throughout thanks to his astonishing vocals and a great crew backing him up. Again, this is immense and intense music. Play it loud and rock on. Highly recommended!
  - Craig Hartranft

In Short

Jorn's 'Lonely Are The Brave' is an immense and intense colobartion of melodic rock and heavy metal. The album moves at the pace of an Indy race car. Jorn delivers brilliant and strong vocals, and the guitar riffs are heavy and massive. I promise, if you listen to this album loud, it will blow your girlfriend's clothes off.

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