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Joe Satriani: Professor Satchafunkilus ...
Instrumental Progressive Guitar
Rating: 4.5/5.0

Joe Satriani burst on the music in 1986 with 'Not Of This Earth,' but I remember being overwhelmed (and most other were too), by 1987's 'Surfing With The Alien,' a most classic guitar album. Sure, in those days he may have been considered a quinessential shredder along with the likes Yngie Malmsteem. But as time and experience rolled on Satriani became more prolific by blending into his work jazz, blues, funk and many more elements and genres. Mr. Satriani could be the definition of progressive instrumental guitar merely because he was not afraid of traversing beyond his rock and metal boundaries. In 2008, Satriani continues to innovate, inspire and convince fans and aspiring guitarists with his flawless technique and versatility. When he's not travelling the world with G3, Mr. Satriani cultivates his skills and then visits the studio to surprise us with another wonderful creation.

Give credit to Mr. Satriani for having the most unusual album title of for 2008. But this only betrays his commitment to musical diversity. You can here this on one half of the title, 'Professor Satchafunkilus:' this is not the neo-classical metal shredder of 20 years ago. It't rock, funk and jazz rolled into a pleasing composition. Yet, those longings to either rock or shred remain. 'I Just Wanna Rock' is just the former with the addition of Satriani mature twists. Then there are songs like 'Revelation' or 'Overdrive' that demonstrate simple control and outright blistering shred. Yet, in the end, this a more mature and vital Satriani who knows both his roots and his love of progression. In a singular song you are both feel both challenged and comfortable because you know Satriani's impressive skills. Much like Paul Gilbert's latest work, Satriani is his own man, not resting on the past but rejoicing in it and also not satisfied with past accomplishments but pressing forward. It's all good.

Satriani delivers his best and some most progressive and innovative music on this work. But hey, I'm a fan and always will be. If you love guitar like I do, then you will love 'Professor Satchafunkilus and the Musterion Of Rock.' Satriani excels and thrills lifting you to new heights in progressive guitar.
  - Craig Hartranft

In Short

Joe Satriani continues to be innovative and creative on 'Professor Satchafunkilus and the Musterion Of Rock.' As time and musical experience influences his life, Mr. Satriani delivers progressive guitar venturing into new and exciting avenues. This is a fine work!

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