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Goodbye Thrill: Goodbye Thrill
Melodic Hard Rock (American)
Rating: 4.5/5.0

Sometimes it's simply hard to judge a music offering. After reviewing the new Khymera release and lamenting that melodic hard rock was on life support in America, along comes a basically unknown East Coast band with a great name, Goodbye Thrill. With sound roots based clearly in Eighties America, Goodbye Thrill blends melody, harmony, sharp guitars, smooth vocals, and great choruses to produce some of the finest melodic rock I've heard on these shores. Goodbye Thrill easily rivals Khymera, Last Autumn's Dream, Leverage, Shylock and a host of other European contemporaries. Whether they did this on purpose or simply love the genre, it doesn't matter. I think the latter is the case. This is some phenomenal stuff!.

To be honest I know little about this band though I've done a good bit of research. (Maryland label, Kivel Records, provided little information.) Goodbye Thrill is the brainchild of Marc Ferreira, an American (?), who performs vocals for French progressive metal band Venturia. He is backed up by Dean Cramer who 'cut his teeth 10 years playing with Kix Front man, Steve Whiteman, in the band Funny Money.' (see Goodbye Thrill's my space account). Additionally there is Pete Eisleman on drums and Dario Sexias on bass. Together they have created a great album of melodic rock.

I was entirely impressed with Goodbye Thrill's initial offering. Marc Ferreira has a voice made for this style of music: solid, smooth, and emotional. Dean Cramer simply kills on guitar. And the rhythm section? Well, these guys are very tight. There are a lot of good songs on this album; and I would hazard to say that there is not one bad song and certainly no fillers. The highlights include 'Perfect World,' 'Ticket To Paradise,' 'Dead To Me, 'Fallen Heroes, and 'Hungry.' Frankly this is just stable melodic rock. There is a great deal of good music on this album. My favorite is probably 'Rainy Day:' both melodic and hard with great vocals and guitar licks.

Goodbye Thrill will undoubtedly go unnoticed in America; they just don't fit the current trends, though they are very, very good. They will probably be appreciated more across the pond then anywhere else. And that's a damn shame! Ferreira and company have given us some of the best melodic rock in America in the last twenty years. I hope this project continues; and I hope they could be the ones that could turn the tide from boring American rock to great American melodic rock. Highly recommentded!
  - Craig Hartranft

In Short

Goodbye Thrill is an amazing American melodic hard rock band with solid roots in Eighties American music. They easily compete or better their European peers with a fabulous mixture of great melody, smooth, convincing vocals, and tremendous guitar licks. Goodbye Thrill is not to be overlooked. This is fine melodic rock from, yes, America! Find it and buy it!

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