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Fires Of Babylon: Fires Of Babylon

Fires Of Babylon is the brainchild of Metal Heaven Records president Georg Siegl and the creation of Winters Bane guitarist, Lou St. Paul. Mr. Siegl was so impressed with St. Paul's work on the last Winters Bane album 'Redivivus' (2006) that he asked St. Paul to write the material and put together a band to record a classic 80ís metal album. Mr. St. Paul recruited well-known and proficient metal vocalist Rob Rock (Impellitterri, Warrior, Alex Rudi Pell, and much solo work), bassist Kelly Conlon (ex-Death), and drummer Robert Falzano (Shatter Messiah) to round out the band. The result is Fires Of Babylon's self-titled debut.

One thing that you will immediately notice on 'Fires Of Babylon' is the significant Christian based lyrical content. Frankly, this is as blatant as you can get and so it reminds you of the so-called 'white metal' of the 1980's. But one should not be surprised because both St. Paul and Rock profess to be Christians. Yet, this is not Holy Scripture put to song. Rather, the lyrics are more conceptual, theological, if you will. Now, being a Christian myself, I have no problem with this. However, other metal fans may. So, in the end, to convince the skeptic, the question remains, 'does the metal do the talking here?' I say, yes.

This is strong heavy metal with a power metal current. Rob Rock is in fine form: his presence is more than established throughout. St. Paul is also excellent; he is more than a mere classic shredder. His timing, riffs and solos are on point. The rhythm section is without equal: bold and aggressive carrying each song with skill. Falzano is particularly impressive pounding the skins. This is a well-rounded and tight band. As for the songs, one must take note of several including 'Lake Of Fire,' 'Holy Resurrection,' 'Revolution Coming,' and 'Generation Of Destruction.' All these songs are representative of the goal that was put before St. Paul: powerful, driving, guitar motivated classic metal.

If there are any flaws on this work it is similarity of the songs, the ubiquity of Rock's vocals, and the simple fact that there is no pause from beginning to end. There didn't have to be ballad, but something less intense in the mix would have been an appropriate break or segue to the next assertive song. Still, this is some terrific metal from a very talented crew. It starts strong and delivers aggressive metal throughout. Recommended!
  - Craig Hartranft

In Short

Fires Of Babylon is a collaborative work centered around Winters Bane guitarist Lou St. Paul. His mission, from Metal Heaven records, was to produce a classic 80's type metal album filled with strong vocals and blistering guitar. St. Paul and Fires Of Babylon have succeeded impressively. This is powerful and assertive metal worthy of your consideration.

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