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Dreamscape: Fifth Season

Sorry about this one: I found this on the bottom of my 'to review' pile only recently. Dreamscape's 'Fifth Season' was released in the Fall of 2007. Hindsight probably had me reviewing it back then, but, alas, it's nearly six months later. 'Fifth Season' is a fine mixture of progressive and power metal. Since this album was recorded several changes have occurred. Vocalist of record, Roland Stoll, has been replaced by Mischa Mang; bassist Benno Schmidtler replaced by Ralf Watson Schwager; and finally, Jan Vacik has been replaced by David Bertok on keyboards. That's quite a lot of transition between studio and reality. It makes me wonder what they sound like live.

But focusing on this recording, I can easily say that this is a fine recording: true to Dreamscape's style and purpose. To be brief, since I'm behind here, the best cuts are the title track, 'Deja Vu,' 'Somebody,' a true prog number with some spectacular guitar and keyboard work, 'Different,' harder and heavier at the start with some subtle interludes within, and 'Point Zero.' Fans should take note of the live bonus track 'Thorn In My Mind.'

Dreamscape is creative and consistent whenever they approach their craft. This is a sound work which and progressive metal fan will appreciate. There's no new ground broken here. But that's okay: 'Fifth Season' demonstrates maturity more than anything else. Better to do what you know best than stumble into a period of naive experimentation. Recommended!

In Short

I'm late to review the latest from Dreamscape, six months too late! 'Fifth Season' is fine progressive metal with some heavy power metal nuances. Don't look for great or obvious ventures into new creative realms. The know their craft and perform with great creativity and passion. Recommended!

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