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By Blood Alone: Seas Of Blood
Goth/Progressive Rock/Metal
Rating: 4.0/5.0

When another album by a goth/progressive band with a female vocalist crosses my desk, my first question is this: Is there nothing new under the sun? King Solomon rolls over in his grave once more. Been there, heard this before. My next thought is this: this genre is becoming passe; more of the same done poorly. There are many bands trying to profit from those who have come before like Nightwish, Within Temptation, and Evanescence to name just a few. Sometimes I think this trend should disappear like metalcore or (so-called) melodic death metal. But then there comes a band like Maine's By Blood Alone. They do not follow the same tired formula. The lead vocalist (female) does not attempt to sound like Tarja. There are no dirty vocals (yes, there is a God!). Their compositions do not follow monotonous symphonic conventions found in like bands. Rather, they blend some classic conventions like heavy metal, progressive rock and metal, and yes, goth and symphonic motifs to create a pleasurable and venerable sound. By Blood Alone is doing something much greater than the mainstream: not mimicking, but creating their own innovative sound. 'Seas Of Blood' is fine creation, an enjoyable work.

With this praise, additional things must be mentioned. After only two spins of 'Seas Of Blood,' I found the production to be muddled if not simply shoddy. Hopefully, this will improve on future releases. Secondly, the performance, though exemplary, comes across aa flat and lacking passion. It seems like the band was more concerned about getting every note precise than adding passion to their performance. My guess is that By Blood Alone excels in a live venue than in the studio. This is a forgivable situation simply because their intentions still come through. In the end, 'Sea Of Blood' is an outstanding work. The compositions are creative and compelling. This is a work that must be listened to with time and discerning ears. You will be pleased. Listen, in particular, for 'Serpentarius,' 'Undead Friend' (creepy, but musically impressive), and 'Seas Of Blood.'

Frankly, I loved By Blood Alone's 'Seas Of Blood.' They have a great sound which is unlike their peers. This is a true gift that I hope will be recognized among the populace. How they distinguish themselves from the crowd is the question. By Blood Alone has the talent and creativity to do it. Highly recommended: find it and buy it!

In Short

Maine's By Blood Alone may be pigeon-holed into the whole goth rock/metal thing. But that does not do them justice. There is more than meets the ear here. There are touches of classic metal, goth, prog rock and metal and more to create a unique, exciting, and pleasurable sound. 'Seas Of Blood' is work of depth and creativity.

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