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Black Succubi: Black Succubi
Heavy Metal
Rating: 4.5/5.0

Black Succubi, hailing from Denmark, delivers some of the strongest melodic heavy metal I've heard all year. Their self-titled debut is a sound work hitting the mark with well-crafted arrangements, great riffs, strong (and clean!) vocals, vibrant guitar solos, and a solid and thundering rhythm section. To be this good jumping out of the gate only demonstrates great talent, perseverance and a ton of potential. Black Succubi is a fast moving train and you got to get onboard now.

Honestly, I enjoyed the work from front to back. I don't think there's a poor song on this album Black Succubi delivers right from the beginning with the fast moving and melodic,'Troubled Times.' From here to the end, you get nothing but metal and more metal. Both 'Into Oblivion' and 'Blood And Flames' have a strong metal metal groove from the rhythm section and exceptional fret work. The metal gets a little darker and heavier on 'Psychotic Meltdown,' but surprises with it's instrumental segue about three minutes in. Black Succubi seems to do better when the focus more on the melodic metal. This is clearly evident on 'Cry For Your Brother,' a rousing number with a great chorus. However, the melodic heavy metal truly shines on the last and best song on the work, 'Time To Get Even.' Approaching melodic hard rock, this song has a terrific groove and a killer vocal arrangement. If there is any flaw in this eponymous work, and they were hard to find, it was in the production; it could have been more crisp and clean.

Black Succubi's debut work is genuine metal success. This band has some serious potential to break out from the growing mass of bands in this genre. Otherwise, every fan of melodic heavy metal should download Black Succubi as soon as possible. Very recommended!

In Short

On their first release, Black Succubi delivers the goods: great melodic heavy metal. Good songs are strengthened by great riffs, strong vocals, vibrant guitar solos, and a solid, thundering rhythm section. Black Succubi gets it: good stuff!

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