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Babylon Mystery Orchestra: Axis Of Evil
Heavy Metal
Rating: 4.0/5.0

If you don't like to think or possibly be offended by your music, then I strongly suggest that you do not purchase or listen to the latest release by Babylon Mystery Orchestra, 'Axis Of Evil.' It is a thorough politically incorrect work that challenges conventional thinking about Islam (primarily), it's purpose and place in our world, and our relationship to it. BMO is the solo project of Sidney Allen Johnson, a man of strong beliefs, opinions, and interpretations of history, both past and current. Essentially, as a musician and artist, Mr. Johnson lives in the most ideal world: he has complete creative control of his music. He is the sole lyricist, musician, producer, and distributor of his craft. And, frankly, he's pretty darn good at it.

Mr. Johnson describes his music as gothic metal and rock. It's marked by precision and efficiency: you can tell that no note was left unconsidered. At times, the music is plodding and slow like a second generation Black Sabbath. Yet, it is still a mix of traditional and progressive metal or rock. And Mr. Johnson's vocals are different: he does not sing per se. Rather, his vocals are more narrative. Imagine listening to an audio book with a melodic spoken rendition. As for his musical skills, I don't think anyone is going to mistake Johnson for a wunderkind, but his skills are exceptional. It takes a great deal of work to compose and single-handedly perform such a work as 'Axis Of Evil.' The essential fact is that Mr. Johnson easily sets his ideology to music with aplomb. So listen carefully and enjoy the following numbers: 'We Ride, You Die,' 'God Given Right,' Illuminati,' and the 'Martyr.'

If you choose or can ignore his strong beliefs and concepts, I think you will find his music both interesting and enjoyable. I, for one, agree with his premise regarding the current misconceptions about the ideology and goals of Islam: truly, it is a dangerous social and political religion with horrible consequences. (I have now put myself in Johnson's enviable position: being able to speak my mind without coercion or reservation. After all, is my web site.) BMO's 'Axis Of Evil' is definitely worth the exploration by a heavy metal music fan. But, along with the provocative music, be prepared to be challenged intellectually, philosophically, and politically. Recommended.

In Short

Sidney Allen Johnson's Babylon Mystery Orchestra exists to be an musical outlet of traditional and gothic rock and metal for his, often controversial, ideology. His target on 'Axis Of Evil' is the threat of Islam in our world. Mr. Johnson deserves high praise for exercising full creative control and the definitive expression of his beliefs. The music is quite good. As for the message, you must decide.

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