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Assedium: Fighting For The Flame

Italian metal band Assedium was born in the beginning of 2004 with the purpose of playing pure epic heavy metal inspired by Cirith Ungol, Omen, Manilla Road, Virgin Steele and old Manowar. The question is, do they achieve their goal of creating 'epic heavy metal?' The short answer is yes, in part, they do. The long answer is that they have a long way to go to merit the same esteem as their influences. But they have the talent to do so, and very quickly. The production and mix on 'Fighting For The Flame' is a bit mediocre; it sounds like it was recorded in a basement and they turned the treble up to compensate. With this said, there is great skill and enthusiasm here, and a certain clarity in the performance. The bass line is clear and the guitar work more than stands out. Actually, the guitar is one of the premier features of Assedium's 'Fighting For The Flame.' In the end the sound is raw and rough like an early Iron Maiden album.

After reading my previous words, you may think I have an entirely negative perception of Assedium's 'Fighting For The Flame.' This is not true. As I mentioned, the fret work is noteworthy, even brilliant at times. This work shines on 'Ivanhoe,' 'Romanitis,' 'Achaean Glory,' and 'Osiris.' As for Assedium's desire to produce 'epic heavy metal,' these very songs deliver the goods. Particularly, the story and song composition of 'Ivanhoe' and 'Osiris' develop their inherent desires. And I was more than pleasantly surprised by 'Achaean Glory,' a superb number that mixes epic metal with melody. Also consider 'Desecration' which is basically power metal with some interesting vocal arrangements (shouting) and some tricky guitar work. With this review, I must mention that there are some disappintments on this album especially 'Primal Rage' and 'Where Seawolves Dare;' I was neither inspired nor moved by these numbers.

Old school metal fans will love Assedium's 'Fighting For The Flame.' There's enough tradition metal themes with thrilling guitars and pounding fast drums to keep the heart pumping. Assedium needs to clean up the production a bit, but they are definitely on the right track. Their metal is indeed epic and exciting. I hope for more. Recommended!

In Short

Italy's Assedium continues their country's tradition of producing epic heavy metal. There are grand stories illuminated by good song composition and exciting guitar work. Sure, Assedium is young, but they're inspired and definitely have a sense of purpose. I look forward to future works from this band.

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