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Godiva: Destruction

Godiva is a Swiss metal band not to be confused with the chocolate confectioners from nearby Belgium. Yet, I will tell you this, Godiva is a 'sweet' metal band. (For readers not familiar with American jargon, this merely means that Godiva is 'good.') Their music is an exciting combination of traditional and power metal with strong vocals, clever and melodic arrangements and some fine fret work. The single compelling attribute that kept me listening was Fernando Garcia's great vocals. I want to say that reminds me of someone, but after repeated listen, I still can't put me finger on it. Maybe a touch of Bon Scott or Udo, but not as raw or guttural. In the end, I was very impressed with 'Destruction.'

After the short introduction, 'Illuminato,' Godiva rips into a straight power number, 'Crawl The Night.' Garcia screams his lungs out inviting you to participate in the Godiva metal show. Metal youngsters take note: start your album strongly. And, frankly, this is not even the best song on the album. Things really get moving on the next cut, the title track 'Destruction,' a real heavy metal song with modern nuances. The best part is the vocal arrangement that includes a chanting chorus around Garcia's vocals. Now for the best song on the album, 'Pedal To The Metal,' which quickly reminds you of the best Judas Priest-like melodic metal such as 'Breakin' The Law.' The twin guitar assault is awesome indeed.

From this point on you are treated to great classic metal. I found every song exciting and satisfying. Take note of 'Vicious Blade' and 'Running From The Past,' both of which have a fast pace, tremendous melody, and sound guitar solos. 'Hell's On Fire' is another powerful metal song where the the drums and bass provide a thunderous beat behind roaring vocals and thrilling fret work. Make sure you pick up the edition with the bonus track, 'Revelation.' This is another fine metal song where the arrangement contains includes an inventive vocal styling.

To conclude, though I have not heard any of Godiva's previous works (there are two), 'Destruction' is a great metal album. I can't say enough about Fernando Garcia's vocals. He is very, very good. The album as a whole is very powerful. Well done, Godiva: you have found your groove. Keep it up. Highly recommended!
  - Craig Hartranft

In Short

You may not know Godiva, but if you're a metalhead, you should. This is quinessential heavy metal with a power metal flair on several songs. The key feature of Godiva is the impressive and pleasing vocals of Fernando Garcia. This guy is good. With few exceptions, this album is a complete metal masterwork from this young band. Check it out!

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