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David Readman: Self-Titled
MMelodic Hard Rock
Rating: 5.0/5.0

Pink Cream 69 vocalist David Readman began laying the foundation for a solo album when he left Adagio in 2005. He began writing songs and recruiting some impressive artists to help along the way: Paul Logue (Eden's Curse), Dirk Bruinberg (Elegy), Guenter Werno (Vandenplas), Alex Beyrodt (Silent Force), and many others. Fellow Pink Cream bandmates joined in as well: Uwe Reitenauer contributes some guitar work and Dennis Ward produces. Success usually follows when you plan well and this is certainly a fine first work for Mr. Readman.

Readman is in excellent form throughout this album. He has to be one of the smoothest and consistent vocalist in all of melodic hard rock. He never seems to strain or struggle in his range. Additionally, his songs are exceptional: strong and heavy at times as on 'Evil Combination,' smooth and easy as on 'Take These Tears.' Yet, whatever the song, it's always melodic filled with great choruses and crafty guitar solos. I know that this is supposed to be his album, but his backing musicians nearly steal the show. This album has some of the best guitar work I have heard all year. Readman chose well; this is a great crew.

Other noteworthy songs include the inspiring 'Don't Let It Slip Away,' cowritten with Logue, 'No Peace For The Wicked,' which verges on classic metal, 'Long Way To Heaven,' a finely crafted piano driven ballad, 'Wild In The City,' a true rocker, and 'New Messiah,' a curiously blues-like number which puts Readman's vocals in a whole new category..

I must admit being a Readman and Pink Cream fan, I was not looking for flaws just great music. But if there is one flaw, it may be this: Mr. Readman sticks with what he knows best, melodic rock. He never ventures beyond his comfort zone. I'm not saying that he had to do something like, well, dirty vocal death metal. He never would. Generally, however, a vocalist (and others, like a lead guitarist) who does a solo album, usually want to do something outside the box of their current band. But all this presupposes something. And that something is that we know what the artist intended to do. But that's not our position or right. Therefore, this solo effort is right where Mr. Readman wants to be. After all, it is his creation.

This is simply an excellent first solo work from David Readman. All fans of melodic hard rock should pick it up. Very highly recommended!

In Short

This is simply an excellent first solo work from David Readman. All fans of melodic hard rock should pick it up. Very highly recommended!

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