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Electric Mob: 2 Make U Cry & Dance
Electric Mob - 2 Make U Cry & Dance Album Art

Electric Mob: 2 Make U Cry & Dance

Heavy Rock

Almost three years ago, as the COVID pandemic was in full steam, Electric Mob dropped their debut album Discharge. The Brazilian band features native son and The Voice contestant Renan Zonta. Since the appearance of the first Electric Mob album Zonta has been quite busy. He's appeared on albums of Skills, Restless Spirits, Jani Liimatainen, and Brother Against Brother (with fellow Brazilian vocalist Nando Fernandes). Electric Mob returns with their second album, featuring the original personnel and the provocative title, 2 Make U Cry & Dance.

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Electric Mob

Once more the quartet presents fans and listeners with their signature heavy rock that ventures from bluesy 70s groove to down tuned modern and alternative heavy rock. There's the presence of a strong back beat and groove from the rhythm section paired with rhythmic, thick, and crunchy riffs. Yet with a song like 4 Letters, guitarist Ben Hur Auwarter goes acoustic. Above all these things, Zonta offers his versatile vocal style, at times raw to screamo, other times subtle and harmonious (with 4 Letters, again, the best example). Of course, Auwarter drills you with impressive guitar solos. Amidst this, or trying to maneuver within the rumbling heavy rock, is song melody, vocal harmony, and accessible groove. Essentially, an Electric Mob song is a heavy rock punch in the gut while feeding you a spoonful of sweetness with its rock groove and soulful vocals.

Mostly, this heavy rock pugilism appears across the entire album. Typical gut-busting, groovy rockers come with Love Cage, Soul Stealer, and It's Gonna Hurt. With Locked n Loaded, things slow to a punchy steady groove. Perhaps my favorite song here is Saddest Funk Ever. I'm not sure what the "saddest funk ever" is, but it's a great song. Electric Mob effortlessly blends heaviness with rock rhythm and groove with versatile vocal rhythms, and then wraps the song in something of a psychedelic blues groove. The only exception to this context is the aforementioned 4 Letters. Even with its acoustic guitar and more mellow introduction, it busts open about two minutes in for some heavy rock.

All said, if I had to make a comparison with their debut album, I believe 2 Make U Cry & Dance shows more maturity in the songwriting which makes the album more creative and so more entertaining. If you like heavy rock that does not sacrifice song melody, vocal harmony, or rock groove, you will enjoy Electric Mob's 2 Make U Cry & Dance. Recommended.

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The Take Away

If you like heavy rock that does not sacrifice song melody, vocal harmony, or rock groove, you will enjoy Electric Mob's 2 Make U Cry & Dance. Recommended.

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