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Chip Z'Nuff: Perfectly Imperfect
Chip Z'Nuff - Perfectly Imperfect Album Art

Chip Z'Nuff: Perfectly Imperfect

Melodic Pop Rock

Chip Z'Nuff (Gregory Rybarski) steps out from the shadow of Enuff Z'Nuff, the Chicago glam rock band he formed in 1984, to release a new solo album, Perfectly Imperfect. Enuff Z'Nuff recording career has been spotty since 1984, and I'm not sure how Chip fares with solo albums. Is this his first? Or is it another of many? Not sure. We do can deduce that Z'Nuff is still a fellow very much lost in glam's heyday of the late Sixties to mid-Seventies. He's 53 years old, ten younger than me, but looks like he's ten years older than me. Still, to this day, Chip preserves more than his musical influences, but his stage persona which includes his trademark round, hippy pink glasses, peak hats, bell-bottom pants, and general English glam motif.

Chip Z'Nuff - Click For Larger Image

Chip Z'Nuff

Perfectly Imperfect features 10 songs (including a short instrumental to start) which were written by Rybarski, excepting Heaven In a Bottle and the Mott cover, Honaloochie Boogie. Musically then, the album also reminds me of music I might have heard in that same time period mentioned above. The songs, generally, have no real differentiation, simply being melodic rock songs with some tough riffs, rhythm and groove, pop beat, and Chip sounded a bit more subdued than normal. Some songs "pop" a bit harder, heavier, like Way, Welcome To The Party, or Roll On. Something like Heroin has a slow grooving, dismal psychedelic quality that fits addiction to the drug. I'm not sure if he was going for Velvet Underground's song plot of the same name. Of the songs, being a Mott fan, I went straight to Honaloochie Boogie, and found myself disappointed. Nobody's perfect. Pun intended. Perfectly Imperfect features some fine guests including Joel Hoekstra on guitar and Steven Adler on drums. Overall, Chip Z'Nuff's Perfectly Imperfect is one very thing: everything you would expect from Chip Z'Nuff and his musical influences and style. If you're a fan, you will enjoy this album. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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The Take Away

Overall, Chip Z'Nuff's Perfectly Imperfect is one simple thing: everything you would expect from Chip Z'Nuff, his musical influences and style. If you're a fan, you will enjoy this album.

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