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Zelbo: In My Dreams
Zelbo - In My Dreams Album Art

Zelbo: In My Dreams

Melodic Hard Rock/AOR

Arriving from the cold winter of Norway is Zelbo, a new band formed by Norwegian keyboard player Dag Selboskar. You should know (or not) this musician from the Norwegian band Da Vinci which had several albums in the late 1980's, then made a comeback with 2017's Ambition Rocks. Zelbo, great name by the way (which kind of reminds me of a name for a stage magician, "Ladies and gentlemen, Zelbo The Great!"), is somewhat of a Selboskar solo project while Da Vinci seems to be on hold. He's joined by longtime friend and guitarist Ken Ingwersen from Evenrude, Rags, Street Lethal, and now with Ken Hensley's band. In My Dreams is Zelbo's debut album for Frontiers Music.

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Honestly, when I read that Zelbo was formed by and built around a keyboard player I was naturally put off. I may like synths in rock or metal as much as the next listener, but a band and album centered upon the same with possibly pronounced key solos? No thank you. But Zelbo is not that. Certainly, Selboskar's keyboard work abounds across the album whether in accent, atmosphere, or solos. Yet being a huge fan of classic AOR rock, and with Ingwersen on board, his keyboard work and solos are neatly yoked to the latter's powerful guitar lines. Ergo, instead of a deal breaker, In My Dreams is more like a handshake wherein fans can enjoy Selboskar's keyboard-persistent arrangements firmly held in hand by AOR accessibility (with great guitar work).

Further ergo, In My Dreams is characterized by songs abounding also with mucho melody and harmony, the latter notably from the guitar and vocal arrangements. The rock rhythm and groove enhance the classic AOR viability of the songs as well. That AOR effect is substantial within Phoenix Rising, In My Dreams, and especially Small Town Girl. Yet, Zelbo can rock out as with Next Flight To Venus and the swift Waiting For The End Prove. AOR anthemic-like ballads arrive with Wild Young And Free and Beautiful Flyaway, which can rise heavy. Selboskar drops in some old-school organ to fine effect within Get Up And Get Over It. Finally, and I don't comment on this often, but Zelbo's album art is simply terrific, quite creative. So much so, if I could find the original art I would use it for my desktop computer wallpaper. Who is that artist? All in all, Zelbo's In My Dream is persuasive and entertaining album of classic AOR-driven melodic hard rock. Very recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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The Take Away

All in all, Zelbo's In My Dream is persuasive and entertaining album of classic AOR-driven melodic hard rock. Very recommended.

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