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Inner Stream: Stain The Sea
Inner Stream - Stain The Sea Album Art

Inner Stream: Stain The Sea

Melodic Metal Hybrid

Arriving from Argentina, Inner Stream is the creation of principal songwriter and vocalist Inés Vera-Ortiz, who got her start in various local power metal bands. But as the years progressed Ms Vera-Ortiz found her musical direction changing and incorporating various musical genres including goth metal. Several years later in 2017 she began working Argentinia keyboardist and producer to bring her songs into focus. Now Vera-Ortiz and Inner Stream offer their debut album, Stain The Sea for Italy's Frontiers Music.

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Inner Stream

Suffice to say, with Inner Stream, Vera-Ortiz has many musical ideas flowing in her songs. The foundation of her arrangements are largely a combination of conventional melodic hard rock and metal with groove meeting sharp, strong riffs. But that brief description doesn't begin to account for the other musical elements. Twisting within many songs are streams of electronica to industrial to perhaps trance dance moves. Keyboards and programming account for much of these things. Symphonic layers linger along with the riffage, giving the songs a dense and heavy feeling. Vera-Ortiz voice rises above all these elements, thanks to some fine production. Strangely, and nearly unexpected considering the musical motif, you'll actually hear some strong guitar solos. These are notable within Massive Drain, Fair War, Drown Me, and Dance With Shades. That last song was probably my highlight of the album because it seemed to be more of a melodic metal rock song with less dependence upon keys and programming. Electronica, industrial, dance or goth beats and grooves are simply not my thing. Nevertheless, there's much to be said for following your musical muse and creating the music you want to play. Vera-Ortiz and Inner Stream do that very thing with energy and inspiration. Check out the video and support the band! - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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The Take Away

Within Stain The Sea, vocalist and songwriter Inés Vera-Ortiz and Inner Stream offer listners a hybrid of melodic metal rock mixed with elemnts of goth, electronica, industrial, and dance grooves. Sound interesting? Check out the band.

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