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Hardline: Heart, Mind And Soul
Hardline - Heart, Mind And Soul Album Art

Hardline: Heart, Mind And Soul

Melodic Metal Rock

Still guided by original member and vocalist Johnny Gioeli, Hardline enters its thirteth year of music with their seventh album, Heart, Mind And Soul. Hardline has come a long way from their short start in the early Nineties when the band featured current musical luminaries Neal Schon and Deen Castronovo. Now in their so-called "Italian" years, the band has a stable lineup since 2018 wherein veteran songwriter and producer Alessandro Del Vecchio adds to the core of the band.

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Fans of Hardline will be both entertained and satisfied by Heart, Mind And Soul. The album is another tour-de-force of their melodic metal infused with plenty of hard rock groove and AOR accessibility. If there's a notable musical current throughout the album it's the strong and sharp riffage that marks most every song. After this, spry guitar starts and final solos later in the songs will fans of guitar-driven rock drool in delight. Across the album is Del Vecchio's layer of synths for texture and density, or some piano in the heavy rock ballad, Heavenly. Underneath, the rhythm section is tight in its gusto and groove with notable drum and bass lines within The Curse. Otherwise, most Hardline songs are mostly hard and heavy, fast rockers with Heartless, Surrender, and Waiting For Your Fall as notable selections. With If I Could I Would, you get a grand start followed by the juxtaposition of Johnny Gioeli's vocals in softer moments with traditional heavy rock rises. Within the fast and heavy rocker Fuel To The Fire, Gioeli's voice gets more assertive to meet the strength of the music. All said, Hardline's Heart, Mind And Soul is another fine and uncompromising romp into their signature melodic metal rock. Recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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The Take Away

All said, Hardline's Heart, Mind And Soul is another fine and uncompromising romp into their signature melodic metal rock. Recommended.

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