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Fans Of The Dark: Fans Of The Dark
Fans Of The Dark - 2021 Self-titled Debut Album Art

Fans Of The Dark: Fans Of The Dark

Melodic Hard Rock

Fans Of The Dark is the brainchild of Swedish drummer Freddie Allen, who has been working on the project during the COVID pandemic. His intent was to create a modern classic rock, a staple of the Scandinavian music scene. He also wrote the songs to include his high school friend, vocalist and actor Alex Falk. Together they recruited Robert Majd (Captain Black Beard, Metalite, Nighthawk) on bass and Oscar Bromvall (Palace, Code Red) on guitar. Versatile musician and producer Mike Palace contributed mixing and mastering for their self-titled debut album, Fans Of The Dark.

Fans Of The Dark - Click For Larger Image

Fans Of The Dark

Several observations can be made at the start. First, the album art, more so the band logo, reflects some old school Maiden-esque technique. In addition, both the album art and song titles betray some of the lyrical themes. The movie theater marquee feature's Alfred Hitchcock movies, Rear Window and Dial M For Murder. For the former, the song remains the same, for the latter, Dial Mom For Murder. Other "dark" themes arise with The Ghost Of Canterville and Zombies In My Class. Actually, I was expecting more horror related songs, and there may be, but I don't have the lyrics.

Musically then, the songs are essentially melodic hard rock tunes with some metal edge driven by a strong guitar arrangements, tough beat and groove from the rhythm section, and some smashing guitar solos. Falk as a fine vocalist, singing clean and easily following the song melody and harmony with skill and enthusiasm. This becomes quite self-evident within such songs as Dial Mom For Murder and The Ghost Of Canterville. Though, with one spin this was unexpected because many of the songs are simply fast and heavy wherein sharp guitar riffs and strong rhythm section could easily overwhelm the vocalist. Examples would include Life Kills, Rear Window, and Escape From Hell. But Falk is lifted by the fine mix and mastering. While most songs are straight up melodic hard rock, with The Ghost Of Canterville at the start and it's varied arrangement, I expected more progressive rock. It was a favorite, and if anything, the song shows the depth of Allen's songwriting. (And bravado for starting a debut album with an eight minute song.)

All said, Fans Of The Dark's debut album is a solid one. Strong songwriting and skilled musician delivers entertaining classic melodic hard rock in contemporary context. Recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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The Take Away

Fans Of The Dark's debut album is a solid one. Strong songwriting and skilled musician delivers entertaining classic melodic hard rock in contemporary context. Recommended.

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