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False Memories: The Last Night Of Fall
False Memories - The Last Night Of Fall Album Art

False Memories: The Last Night Of Fall

Melodic Heavy Metal

The Story
Though hardly a new band, Italy's False Memories has been through some progress and changes over the years. Formed in 2015 by guitarist Francesco Savino, False Memories first advanced a self-titled five song EP in 2016. A DIY independent release, Chimerical, arrived in early 2018, which included eight new songs and three from the EP. Personnel changes came in the same year when vocalist Rossella Moscatello joined the band wherein False Memories re-recorded Chimerical with their new singer. Now with a largely new lineup, False Memories presents their second studio album, The Last Night Of Fall, now signed to Italy's Frontiers Music.

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False Memories

The Sound & Songs
As for the False Memories sound, it's largely melodic heavy metal with some nuances. Ms Moscatello has called the album "intense gothic/doom metal, but that may be for the listener to determine. Gothic metal, and perhaps doom metal, has become such a porous genre that many of the usual musical elements can be introduced only to slip easily through the gaping holes. Having a melancholy sound with female vocals and band members dressed in black stage garb do not necessarily make a "goth" band either.

But having said these things, False Memories' songs are heavy and steady, dense and expansive, strong on riffs, perhaps d-tuned to doomy, and melancholy in piano lines. Actually many songs begin with a somber piano opening before the heaviness evolves, riffs rise, and the vocals appear. Ms Moscatello has a fine, near operatic style, but without the lyrics you can't really understand what she's saying. Putting these things together, there is a musical consistency, even redundancy, to the song arrangements. I did appreciate the evidence of some solid guitar solos throughout. Nevertheless, I can't really point to any song the really rises above the rest. Nor can I say that there's something hear that makes False Memories excel above another or any other female-fronted "goth" metal band. But that's just me. Listen to the videos below, and make your own decision. Support the band. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

The Take Away

Simply, False Memories and The Last Night Of Fall present listeners with melodic heavy metal that veers towards goth and doom metal with the former's inherent melancholy and the latter's sometimes foreboding atmosphere. Not exactly my cup of tea.

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