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Devoid: Lonely Eye Movement
Devoid - Lonely Eye Movement Album Art

Devoid: Lonely Eye Movement

Melodic Progressive Metal

My first thought was, with a name like Devoid, they must be a black or death metal band. But no. Formed some four years ago by French guitar wizard Shad Mae, and featuring veteran journeyman vocalist Carsten "Lizard" Schulz, is a melodic metal with mostly French musicians. Devoid dropped their debut album, Cup Of Tears the same year. After a few personnel changes, the band returns with their second effort, Lonely Eye Movement for the Frontiers Music Label.

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Speaking more specifically to genre styles, Devoid blends melodic heavy metal with notable progressive nuances and melodic hard rock groove. Their song arrangements are built upon a twin guitar assembly for harmony and rhythm which, in turn, is enhanced by the groove of the rhythm section. For the former, terrific guitar solos rise across every song. A generous amount synth and piano work embellish all songs. Actually, many of the songs feature some synth initiative such as Man Without Fear, Destination Heaven, or Mirror Maze, and this layer continues throughout the tune. And then there's vocalist Carsten Schulz who presents his familiar assertive, sometimes raw, yet clean and melodic vocal style.

Considering the totality of the album and its songs, Lonely Eye Movement satisfies with its twist of hard and heavy metal with prog spices. The former is potent within Songs Of Salvation or the power metal vibe of Martial Hearts; the latter with Lonely Eye Movement or The Absence Of Holiness. But I was drawn to three song in particular. First, Lonely Eye Movement and the terrific piano breakdown and solo which has a classic music feeling. Then there's Waiting For The Storm and Wood And Wind both of which feature saxophone. Within the first, a heavy anthem, the saxophone rises just before the four minute mark. Wood And Wind is a magnificent instrumental where, with acoustic guitar, the saxophone leads and informs the entire song. I would buy the album, just for this song. All said, Devoid's Lonely Eye Movement is a solid and entertaining platter of melodic heavy metal with obvious prog metal ambitions. Dig that sax, too. Recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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The Take Away

Devoid's Lonely Eye Movement is a solid and entertaining platter of melodic heavy metal with obvious prog metal ambitions. Dig that sax, too. Recommended.

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