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Coronary: Sinbad
Coronary - Sinbad Album Art

Coronary: Sinbad

Traditional Heavy Metal

The origins of Finland's Coronary are rooted in guitarist Aku Kytölä and drummer Pate Vuorio who were both browsing in the same second-hand vinyl section at a Tampere flea market. The long time musicians and metal fans discovered a common musical bond between them and, you guessed it, decided to organize a band. Coronary was formed in 2017 and includes Korpiklaani bassist Jarkko Aaltonen, second guitarist Jukka Holm, and vocalist Olli Kärki. The band quickly dropped a demo in 2018, getting the attention of Gates Of Hell Records. In the same year, the label paired Coronary's demo songs with Canada's Traveler for a 12" vinyl split recording. Moving on to parent label Cruz Del Sur, Coronary drops their debut long player, Sinbad (named for the mythical sailor) which also includes all three previous songs.

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While their band name had me first thinking death metal, Coronary actually plays traditional heavy metal. They offer fans the classic heavy metal characteristics: twin guitar riffage and harmony, gallop and groove from the rhythm section, soaring guitar solos, and clean melodic metal vocals. All these elements are well-balanced throughout the recording, but certain ones stand out, notably the rhythm and rock groove in the riffs and bass line and the thrilling guitar solos. So what you'll find in a song arrangement is rabid riffs propelled by a rhythm section that moves by both speed and rock groove, with all things leading to the all-important rousing guitar solo.

This formula is self-evident within Firewings, Reflector, Burnout, and Bullet Train. Something more heavy and steady comes with The Hammer with it's ripping guitar start but than moves purposely to the guitar solo. Alternatively, Mestengo seems to move mostly upon two things, rhythmic riffs and rhythm section groove, before leading the listener to a quick guitar solo. Also quite heavy is the closing Wonders Of The World where, in the first half the riffs are thick and dense, the pacing a tad shy of doom metal. But, in the second half, the pace quickens when approaching the guitar solo, only to slow again for more plodding heaviness.

All said, with Sinbad, Finland's Coronary offers metalheads a fine debut album with a consistent and persistent commitment to "keep it true" heavy metal. Recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

The Bottom Line

With Sinbad, Finland's Coronary offers metalheads a fine debut album with a consistent and persistent commitment to "keep it true" heavy metal. Recommended.

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