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Cap Outrun: High On Deception
Cap Outrun - High On Deception Album Art

Cap Outrun: High On Deception

Melodic Progressive Rock

The origins of Cap Outrun dates back nearly 15 years ago by friends and music students Andrée Theander (guitars) and Erik Wiss (keyboards). The duo produced one EP, Influence Grind, in 2008 before putting the band on hiatus. Fast-forward to the days of the COVID pandemic wherein Theander and Wiss have resurrected Cap Outrun which now includes Chandler Mogel on vocals (Outloud), Carl Tudén on drums (ex-Creye), and Linus Abrahamson on bass (ex-Constancia). Their debut long-player, High On Deception appears on the Frontiers Music label.

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Cap Outrun

Theander and Wiss, the creative core of the band, had an ambitious music goal for Cap Outrun: design AOR melodic rock with progressive nuances which would include elements of fusion and melodic metal. They've succeeded brilliantly with High On Deception, hitting ball out of the park. There are three simple reasons for this; reason which should cause you to buy this album immediately.

First, is the simple coup d'etat of getting Chandler Mogel on vocals. Mogel is by far one of the best vocalists in the business. Mostly known for his work in AOR melodic rock and metal, Mogel's voice easily, effortlessly, fits with the melodic progressive rock of Cap Outrun. This fellow is talented and versatile, and continues to impress me.

Second, the song craftsmanship and arrangements are equally impressive. While mildly technical, the songs weave, again effortlessly, melody, harmony, and AOR accessibility. Whether by guitar and vocal harmony, abundant rhythm and groove, catchy refrains and melodies, or liberal guitar solos, all the songs display versatility and ingenuity wrapped in AOR accessibility. And that is no easy task.

You'll find all these things within In The Shade Of The Masquerade, Shadows On The Wall, and Crazy Enough wherein that touch of jazzy fusion rises. Alternatively, songs like My Destination or As Long As You Believe can turn on a heavier arrangement where a strong bass line powers the tune. Cello offer some mellow embellishment within Our Brightest Day, a fine ballad where Mogel sounds soulful. A return to minimal progressive nuance returns with the closing instrumental, Dopamine Overflow; at times benign, it can rise heavy also.

The third and final reason is simply this: the album simply sounds terrific, every part moves and melds together to delight the listener. If I hadn't named Leverage's Above The Beyond as my album of the year for 2021, Cap Outrun's High On Deception would be right up there with it (as it should be). Cap Outrun's High On Deception is an exceptional album of AOR-driven melodic progressive rock filled with creativity and wonderfully entertaining. Quite recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

The Take Away

Cap Outrun's High On Deception is an exceptional album of AOR-driven melodic progressive rock filled with creativity and wonderfully entertaining. Quite recommended.

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